Friday, July 1, 2011

Florida recap

Does anyone else have heart attacks flying with children? There is so much to worry about: strangers, getting separated, losing luggage, security, taking your shoes off... ugh, glad we don't do it very often.
This is the exact spot where we got married 10 years ago (well on July 11th, it will be officially 10 years, but we were close enough.). Captiva Island, I love it here, if it weren't for the noseeum bugs I'd move here yesterday. I normally don't mind the heat but being a big ole pregnant woman made it tough this year.we always say Sanibel because they are attached but it is actually Captiva.) It looks the exact same and it was wonderful to go back and see it and show the kids although they were like "whatever can we go swimming?"

I hesitate to share this picture because well, I look huge (and I was sweating and swatting bugs) but you gals don't care do you? This is where Paul and I stayed right after we got married. Isn't it so cute!? 10 years later with all these kids made us say "life comes at you fast!"
Sand castles of course. We didn't spend a lot of time on the beach, the ocean water was HOT. I am not kidding, like a bath tub. Seriously.
The food on vacation always tastes so much better than home. This was our first visit to a Cheeburger Cheeburger, I know they are a chain and other people love them, I am so glad I was pregnant because it was a good excuse to be a huge glutton here. OMG, it was the yummiest food (and I don't even like cheeseburgers that much!!!).

Who doesn't love the foliage of southwest Florida? Geez, I could stare at it forever.
The Sanibel Lighthouse, you always have to visit the local landmarks, right? It is good torture for your kids. "Mom, can we go swimming now?"
Florida wildlife can be a little scary. I was very leery of this guy.There were pelicans galore at our resort, they were fun to watch but I kept my distance from them too. Guess I am not totally over my bird phobia.

I love a good Florida sunset. (Well bad ones too actually)
This girl is turning into a regular beach chick, reading books, drinking smoothies, talking about tan lines!
Big Tall Daddy got his daily workout swimming with the kids. All. Day. Long.
This is how I spent my time at the pool, up to my neck because it was so freakin' hot!!!
Beach bums
Our last night, *sniff* I always cry when I leave Florida. Someday I will live there.
These two were "fun" on the airplane. Boys and sitting still for more than five minutes do not go together.
So that's about it, vacation has come and gone. I hate that it is over. Now I have to really get ready for baby. I kept telling myself we'd go on vacation and then I'd do all the baby stuff. Yikes, the time has come!


Kerri said...

Great pictures Jenny...and I think you look amazing! I always wanted to be cute and pregnant...but I got so big...I definitely wasn't cute! Do you usually vacation at the same place, or is this the first time you've been back to this spot with the kids?

Have a great weekend!

Sarah said...

Love all the pictures!! Those two boys sitting in the airport together-too cute :) They better make some room in that seat for #3 boy! Keep us posted on how you're doing. If he has turned and all that good stuff.

Jill said...

You look great!!! Florida looks like a fun time!! Have a great night!