Tuesday, July 19, 2011

oops I did it again

I bought what I thought was a bargain and it turned out to be kind of a nightmare...
Zoe has been wanting a new bedside lamp for a long time. She felt like she had outgrown her Hannah Montana one and frankly, I was glad, pole dancing and pot smoking teenagers are definitely not on my list of role models!!! (By the way, Hannah was a sweet young tweeny when we got the lamp orginally!) Any-who, she and I talked about getting a lamp from the thrift store and making it more to her liking. That girl loves a good craft project like I have never seen, although she has big ideas that don't always translate into reality.

She originally wanted a lamp she could paint "hot pink" with a zebra print shade. Hmm, a little to Jerseylicious for me, sorry honey. So we found this really cute silver lamp base at one of my favorite thrift stores. A note, I always ask to check electrical products before I leave the store and this time was no different. Unfortunately, the meanie-head lady who was working the fitting rooms was already mad at me for asking her to unlock the restrooms! The nerve of a pregnant woman for goodness sake! She grumbled under her breath "ok, big pregnant woman." Nope, I am not kidding. I got over it quick. I had to pee after all!

We brought the lamp home. Put a lightbulb in it and plugged it in. Hot diggity, it worked. Zoe and I were so excited. Then we noticed, there was no on/off switch. What the? So when Big Tall Hubby/Daddy came home we showed him. His response, "well that's why it cost .99!" My response, "hush" which followed with a slug to his arm.

The next day Zoe and I went to get supplies for the lamp redo. We got a lampshade, spray adhesive, lamp kit (with on/off switch), fabric, ribbon trim and jewels (Zoe insisted). It took us a couple hours to get everything glued and Big Tall Hubby/Daddy put the new switch on in about three minutes. Zoe is loving her new lamp, and I love that she is happy with it. She has a long list of craft things she wants to do with me. She must really think I am Martha!
(Please ignore the cardboard Zoe has tied to her bed, it is a collage she made and she will not take it down. I have tried to get her to remove it but she is one stubborn girl. It was either a cardboard one or she was going to glue stuff to her actual bed.)

I definitely learned my lessons, do not under any circumstances leave the store without testing the lightbulb (find another worker who will help you if you come across a grumpy, rude one) and pee somewhere that does not lock the restroom doors.

Original cost of our lamp: 99 cents
Final cost with all the supplies: about $25, I should have just went to Ikea! ;)


Kerri said...

You girls did a great job on the lamp shade- it's so cute!

I cannot believe that lady said that to you. I swear if I lived nearby I would go in and give her a piece of my mind. How very rude of her.

Becca said...

Cute lamp!!! And, p.s., this lamp allowed you to have some good quality time with Zoe whereas an Ikea lamp would be just a lamp. Embrace that it cost you $25.99 :)

Becca said...

I should have read your previous post before I commented! Holy cow!! Baby time...yay! Can't wait to see him! Goodness...it seems like it was only yesterday that you posted a pic of brand new baby Tanner...that's right when I started reading your blog! Time flies...good luck Jenny...I'll be thinking of you! P.S.- Zoe is a sweetie!

Jen said...

Very cute!!