Monday, July 18, 2011

it's a hot one people

OK, I'm hot, you gals know it already but isn't this so cute? Zoe made me a gift bag: a homemade fan and some evian spritz water. She rang the doorbell and then promptly ran away so when I answered the door I would see it. She is so sweet. She is also letting me use her pink polka dotted suitcase for my hospital visit. She put one of her stuffed animals in there with a note that said "good luck" pinned to it. I know, I cried too, such a sweetie.

So another baby update: the little punk has moved sideways again. I called the doctor this morning because I hadn't felt him move in a loooong time and I was panicking. They got me in and I had to go get monitored, of course he started kicking and being all Cirque de Soleil on me as soon as they set up the monitor. About three hours and another ultrasound later, they figured out he is sideways again. Hmph! Little stinker. Now I am going back on Thursday for another ultrasound, if he is in position, they will induce me (before he moves again). If he is not in position, they will try to get him there and then induce me or they will wait a few more days to see if he moves (because otherwise C-section time!)... OK, none of these are my best case scenario. I like Mother Nature to take her course. I have had two inductions and didn't like either one. But I am really protesting a C-section so I guess I will take one of these if I have to. Come what may, I will probably having a baby sometime this week. Holy SH**! Did I just say that? I am panicking all over again. I will try to keep everyone up to date. We still do not have a name picked out, poor guy.


Kerri said...

How sweet is Zoe...taking care of her mommy!
It is so hot out there right now...hopefully you're staying cool inside. Maybe you should just sit yourself under a sprinkler...we do that here sometimes!
No name yet, what?! This makes me a little anxious. How bout a name that starts with a B?! ;)
I hope your little guy gets situated...other way sounds like he will be here soon! You're in my prayers! Keep us posted!

Kristin said...

eeeek! so excited for you! I SO wish I was there to help out and hold the new sweet bundle.