Friday, July 22, 2011

one last hurrah, then again, maybe not

Well yesterday was supposed to be "it." The day little mister was going to make his appearance but he had other plans. (see yesterday's post) I swear, it was such an emotional roller coaster. Big Tall Hubby and I were all ready to go to the hospital and then, nope, not yet, sorry. Talk about adrenaline rushes. The doctor had given me three options, what might happen. Two of the three meant he was going to be born. That's good odds right? Well, I'm definitely not going to Vegas any time soon, the other option- wait another week is what came to pass. **sigh**

Prior to yesterday I was a cleaning and stocking and organizing mad woman. I do not think my house and refrigerator could have been any more prepared. So on Wednesday I decided to have one last hurrah. I took the kids to run a few last minute errands and then we went out to lunch (Wendy's, not that great but the kids liked it) and then we went to the antique mall. My kids love it there. I think I have brainwashed them enough that they think it is better than the real mall and almost better than Toys R Us. I figured it would be my last trip there in a while and I thought it would be nice and cool* considering the scorching heat outside.
Oh, the things you see at the antique mall!
I wish I had taken a few more pictures but we were having so much fun, I just kept getting distracted.

We all had a blast. We were there for almost two hours! That is crazy. I kept thinking they would poop out and have meltdowns but they were loving it. They all got a little something. Zoe got some granny clip on earrings- she is dying for pierced ears and I am protesting, that's another post. Parker got a rubber iguana. Tanner got a Scooby Doo book. I got these...
The little stool is for our powder room (for the kids) to replace a goofy plastic one I already have in there from Walmart. It is way cuter than a plastic one. The little chair is for Tanner (so he got two things I guess!). He loves it so much. I got it for his room (I figured someday the new baby would use it too- don't you just love two for one!). He has been sitting in it reading his books since I brought it home. He is so proud of it. I love it too. It looks kind of big here but it is teeny, just the right size for two year old booty. The blue thing is a hat stand. I actually got that for Big Tall Hubby. I bought him a really cool hat in Florida (he looks so handsome, like Don Draper) and I thought it would be neat for him to keep this on his dresser.

So I guess I didn't get myself anything. That's ok. I had so much fun. I was in the best mood when we left. I left there thinking, now that was a fun time. The kids and I just laughed and laughed and joked and I couldn't have cared less that when I got in my car the temperature gauge said 105!!! (Well that was kind of tough but we managed.) It was a good last hurrah, no a great last hurrah, even if the baby was thinking, "well, maybe not yet mom!"

*My plan to be all cool and refreshed while browsing was foiled.... someone had broken into the antique mall (actually got on the roof of this huge building!) and stole all the copper pieces from the air conditioning units to resell. It wasn't too hot, well it was hot, but they had all kinds of portable air conditioners and tons of fans. Isn't it amazing that people are going to such dangerous measures to get money, it scares me to death. One of the workers told me there were thousands of electrical things that could have killed the thieves if they hadn't been careful. I know people are desperate but it really makes me worry what in the heck won't people do. Just wondering. I am guessing this kind of thing is happening everywhere, I think it is just dreadful.

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Beloved's Bride said...

I adore that hat stand! I have an old vintage hat with a huge feather on it! I have been trying to find something cute like that! And, we have almost the exact same little brown stool! So sweet!

One more week then? Looking foward to seeing pictures of that little guy.