Friday, July 15, 2011

finally, something good

"I get the mail around here and no one else better try and do it or else you'll get in big trouble!" That can be heard from time to time in my house... seriously. I get so mad when the kids or big tall hubby get the mail (sorry guys!). Not because I think trotting to the mailbox is so much fun but I am the homemaker/manager of this house and the mail is a part of it. When someone else gets the mail, inevitably there will be junk mailings scattered here and there, bills get misplaced, catalogs strewn all over the place, things don't get recycled... you get the idea. So, I just do it myself. Finally, I got some good mail the other day. Here is what I got: a Pottery Barn catalog, new coupon book, the Container Store catalog and my sorority magazine and not one bill in the midst! Woo! Now that's what I call a good delivery. Little things can make your day so much brighter. :)


Kerri said...

Oh my goodness Jenny...I am the same way! Everyone knows I get the mail around here...unless I kindly ask someone else to do when it's raining! ;)

Jill said...

Yes I agree....sometimes the mail can be the highlight of our day! Especially when there are NO bills!
Hope you are feeling well and doing o.k. with this heat! I've been thinking about you. have a great evening!