Thursday, July 14, 2011

thank goodness for the sprinklers

Wow, is it hot here or is it just me? Holy moly, I have never been so hot in my life. I am not one to generally complain about summer heat. I love it actually. It is winter that I dread and curse every year. But this year is a whole new ballgame. Being preggers is tough in the summer. (Have I mentioned that before? Not sure.) I am literally roasting all the time. Big tall hubby can't believe that I sleep with no blankets or sheets, usually I am freezing! He gets even more flabbergasted when I sleep in the leather recliner (I normally never even sit there because I don't like the feel of cold leather!).

Any-who, I have been trying to be a trooper and take the kids to the pool, normally a fun activity for all of us, but my energy is waning fast. It just take soooooooo much effort to lather them all up with sunscreen, get all the gear together, drive to the pool, park and walk there too, I'm exhausted just thinking about it. So we have been using our old lawn sprinkler, a lot. We had a Slip N Slide for two days but sadly, met its demise. We run through our lawn irrigation system too (well the kids run, I sit in a chair) and our neighbors' if they are using theirs! These are little things that I am extremely thankful for right now.

Speaking of pregnancy, here's a little update for those of you anxious to hear about "Peanut's" upcoming delivery... I went for another ultrasound to make sure I don't have too much amniotic fluid and according to the doctor, I am ok, still on the high side, so I have to go again for another ultrasound next week... just to check. I love seeing him on the screen but honestly I am ready to see him in person. Having to wait each week to be checked and screened is driving me bonkers. I wouldn't care if everything was ok, but each time they tell me they are concerned about yet another something, just about puts me over the edge! So "not anytime soon" is what the doctor told me this week, hopefully I'll get some more promising news next week.


A Pretty Life said...

YES! Sprinklers are a wonderful thing for the children and the Momma's!
Oh! I can not wait for little peanut to get here safe and sound! Please keep us posted!Saying prayers and sending hugs!
have a PRETTY day!

Kristin said...

Keep me posted. So wish I was there to love on the new little one. I miss you all so much!