Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another one of my brilliant ideas

Did you watch "Facts of Life" when you were growing up? I loved that show. I was quoting Blair in my title, remember how she used to say that? Anyway, someday maybe I'll post about my love of 80's television. It was great wasn't it?

Any-who, two days in a row! Two tips! Holy cow, I must be on a roll or something.

Ice cream is my go-to before bed snack. I can always get the kids to stop jumping on the couch long enough to have a little ice cream before they get in the tub and get ready for bed. I don't feel too terrible having it often because I don't let them eat junk food very often and they eat healthy meals most of the time. Besides, ice cream=milk=calcium, right?!

Cones make ice cream way better don't they?

So here is my genius way of getting them ready for all the kids at once...

Just kidding!

Really, I was pretty proud of myself for thinking of this one. I mean, it's tough scooping the ice cream out and then putting it in a tiny cone. And this way, no one gets their cone "first." I put the glasses out at the same time and then they scarf them down like savages. The glasses are nice if the kids want to put the cones down for a second, you know in case they want to go jump on the couch one last time before I drag their sticky little bodies upstairs for bath time.


Kerri said...

I loved the facts of life!! However, Jo was my girl! ;)

GREAT idea for the cones...that would work for me if Brady had friends the summer of course! Can't imagine the kids eating those INSIDE!! :)

Sarah said... lost me at Graeters. I'm sure what ever you were talking about is simply brilliant{as all your ideas are!}, but I was never able to take my eyes off the ice cream. YUMMERS!! Boy how I miss that place{so does my dad-he loves that ice cream-we would ship it to him for the holidays!}It is actually sold down here-I'm just close enough-but I always forget to get it. It's #1 on my grocery list this week{dads coming for a visit, he'll be so happy}. Thanks for the reminder{and the brilliant idea}

Jen said...

Amazing. I have never seen that idea. You are so right! Love that they can set them down and come back. They totally love to do that.

melvin said...

Hello Jenny, I wish you the best for you and your beautiful family.
Have a nice day.

Jill said...

Cute idea!! I loved the Facts of Life too! They just don't have those great shows on anymore. Remember the Cosby Show and Family Ties? :-) Hope you are having a great weekend!!