Monday, November 14, 2011

Mondays are coming fast and furious here lately

As much as we try to be healthy here, we love a good "o" food: Cheerios, Doritos, Oreos, but most of all we love "Free-toes"....
Get it? Free toes! Ha, I am cracking myself up. This baby is a serious Houdini. I swear he is always missing a sock, how the heck do they fall off all the time!? And this morning, he had completely gotten his legs wiggled free from his sleeper and it was unsnapped almost the whole way. What the heck? He was screaming his little head off and I could see his cubby legs kicking like Billy Blanks, I had to laugh and then wonder how in the heck he does it. Better be keeping my eye on this guy when he gets mobile.

My things to do this week:
  • seriously tackle the mess of papers and photos on my desk, lots to do there
  • switch Zoe's closet from warm to cool clothes, I am dreading this, her closet/room is a nightmare, what the heck will it look like when she is a teenager?!
  • begin prep work for painting Tanner and Asher's room, Tanner is getting his big boy bed and we are getting an additional dresser for their room next week so I have some major work to do in there, I am hoping to be all prepped by Friday night so Big Tall Hubby can help me paint after kids go to sleep (Tanner will probably bunk with Parker that night) and I'll have the rest of the weekend to put everything back
I have a ton to do this week, jeez. I am totally feeling the holiday pressure and I know there are some things that must be done ASAP!

my menus for this week:
  • white bean and sausage stew with biscuits
  • fish sandwiches and oven fries
  • chicken parmesan, roasted broccoli, garlic bread
  • black bean enchiladas (regular tacos for the kids)
  • portabella and goat cheese sandwiches with pesto, orzo and pea soup with proscuitto (grilled cheese and tomato soup for kids, NO way would they eat the other stuff- PUNKS!)
  • blackened fish (chicken tenders) and parmesan new potato bites
Have a great week everyone!


Kerri said...

You're funny on this Monday afternoon! :) Love those little toes. Oh how I would love to babysit that little guy for you! (and me!)

Your menu look SO good this week! I'd love to hear about the white bean and sausage stew w/ biscuits...oh my!

Have a good afternoon Jenny!

Karen said...

I am coming on the night of the portabello and goat cheese sandwiches/ orzo & pea soup with proscuitto.....ok? Sounds amazing!

Jen said...

Anything that ends in O's is yummy to me!
Love how you plan ahead. I need to do this! I just took some chicken out...but not sure yet what I'll be making.