Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Diapers are my life

I've been changing diapers for 8 3/4 years, straight, no breaks. I often have two kids in two different sizes. That is fun. Something about changing itty bitty baby poops makes changing the preschooler/toddler poops very repulsive. Asher just moved up to size 3 diapers and why does that make me sad? They seem huge on him, swallowing up his little booty.

The other day Big Tall Hubby changed Tanner's diaper (usually size 5- that kid will be wearing size 10 if they exist, he has NO interest in the potty!) and I was so glad because it was a stinky one. The next time I changed him, I noticed he was busting out of the diaper, oops, BTH had put the size 3 on him. "It seemed to fit" he told me. We chuckled, because what else can you do?
Here is Asher on our downstairs changing table. It's our dryer. I have never had a "real" changing table. I use the dryer downstairs (cabinet above make for handy diaper storage) and I use a dresser upstairs. I look at the changing tables in Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware lovingly with their adorable pictures and artwork hanging above them. They are so darn precious. I never saw the need to get one though, I guess I always felt like they were a temporary piece of furniture and not very practical. I mean, if I am going to spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of furniture, I want it to last a good long time! Who knew, I'd be kind of needing one for 8 3/4 years, probably more like 12 years when all of these kids are potty trained! Yep, diapers are my life.

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Kerri said...

Ohhh I bet the dryer feels so nice if it's all warm on top! Asher doesn't look like he minds! I never wanted a changing table either.
That's a LOT of years of changing diapers...you must be a pro at it!