Friday, November 11, 2011

OK, I get it Lord, I get it

Future merchandiser of toys...
hard at work
happy with the results, I think
hmm, now where is my el-fant ("elephant")
I swear God was talking to me loud and clear today. I mean, hit me over the head with his message if you get my drift. Parker had a friend over to play this morning. Last week, Parker went to this buddy's house and I think everything was ok. The other little guy's mom said they played together fine.

Five minutes into the playdate here, the little guy sweetly asked if he could play on our computer or Wii to show me how he gets to different levels. I said, "oh, Parker wants to show you all his cool toys." Off they went. Five minutes later, he asked again. I pulled out another diversion technique, snacks! They ran off again. Five minutes later, he asked me if I knew how to spell "PBS kids" so he could play games on my computer. I sent them outside, it was 34 degrees. This went on for the entire two hours he was here. I don't think he was not having fun, I just think he wanted to play something electronic.

Such a sweet boy, but he probably will never want to come here again. It just made me realize that he must play a lot of games, and I am not talking about UNO or Cootie. I was so sad, I felt bad that he was probably bored and I was sad for Parker too. He so wanted to play with a boy his age. He will probably tell his mom that he never wants to hangout at Parker's house again.

We have had similar issues when Zoe's friends come over. They just want to sit and talk or watch tv. What happened to Barbies, doll babies, Polly Pockets, crafts? I thought it was just her weird friends but apparently not. (Yes, I have told Zoe her friends are "weird." I know that is terrible but I think I have to be honest and tell her that they are weird for NOT wanting to play with all the cool dolls and things she has.

Am I the only old fuddy duddy around anymore?

My kids play. A lot. Toys. Outside. Ride bikes, scooters, skateboards. Sandbox. Dig in the dirt. Jump off the retaining wall and scare me to death. Basketball, jumprope, baseball, rollerskate. Nature walk. Run races around the outside of our house. Collect acorns and pinecones. They play in the house too. Every toy imaginable, thanks to our very generous families and my thriftiness. They make crafts, color, glue, play with playdoh, markers, paints, glitter (!), beads, every craft kit I can find at Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

I complain a lot about things not getting picked up or put away. I swear (under my breath) when I step on a Lego. I have cried honestly, tears, when I saw the basement after a rainy day of play. (I'm pretty sure I have posted a pic or two here!) But today I saw the light, I need to be thankful, oh so thankful that my kids play and play hard.

I can't imagine video games on all day long. I like relative quiet. (As quiet as four kids and a snorting pug and talking parrot can be!) The beeping of a Wii or computer would drive me batty. I don't let the kids watch much tv either. I guess that's why my house looks like this, a lot.
So dear Lord, I hear you. Loud and clear. I will not complain about my kids' toys being all over the place. I won't say, "I cannot walk in here!" when they dump out every organizing bin of toys in the middle of the floor. I will not groan when they ask me if I can "please make some homemade glitter playdoh" again. I will smile when they ask to go outside and play in the puddles. I will encourage their creativity and ingenuity when they go get all the boxes out of the recycling bin to make some houses for their Zhu Zhu pets and Fur Real animals. I will continue to get them real, actual toys for as long as I can (American Girl dolls and Legos RULE!) and I will not feel the pressure to buy video games and electronics as gifts. Thanks Lord for the gentle reminder. I needed it.


Becca said...

Good for you for not giving in. I just yelled at my kids to turn off the tv. You're a better Mom than me...

Kerri said...

Parker looks so cute and proud of all his animals lined up! I agree that video games have just taken over. Brady has a friend that comes over and then doesn't want to play outside. He wants to watch tv or play video games. Brady definitely plays his share of video games...more so in the winter. However, we do play a lot of board games and such too. I think it's hard when you only have one to try and entertain all the time. That's where tv and the wii often come in! :(

Sarah said...

Totally have had the same playdate issues! Boys come over and don't play, they look for video games and we don't have any. They wander around and Holden feels self concious that he still plays with toys. I have found nearly all their friends either obsessed with Wii or only talk about sports and it bores me to death and makes me feel bad and honestly makes me not want to have playdates. Your post is timely for me, as we have actually considered getting a game system for Christmas. I'm concerned my boys might turn into couch potatoes but they want one, and we have said no for a long time, sometimes I feel like saying yes. I think I'm praying for God to hit me over the head too :) I love when He just gives me a good wack!

Jill said...

I completely agree! :-)
Have a wonderful week!