Wednesday, November 16, 2011

love notes

I love this note Parker left for Zoe when she was away at Girl Scout camp a couple weeks ago. I helped him spell everything but he did the writing himself (including the question mark, he thought it was an exclamation mark, but I didn't have the heart to correct him). I don't really have a reason to share this, just wanted to. It is a good reminder to me that my kids do love each other. They have been quarreling a lot lately, being cooped up from rain perhaps? I myself, am feeling rather grumpy for lots of reasons. I wish someone would make me one of these cute notes, it just might make my day.


Kerri said...

That is so sweet! Those are the kinds of notes you hold onto forever for safe keeping!

Karen said...

Aw. That's absolutely dear. I love those (sometimes rare) moments that my children show affection to each other. What was Zoe's reaction to the note?