Wednesday, November 2, 2011

blog girls make you feel good

So after my loooooong and rambling post yesterday, I was thrilled to actually receive a couple comments, don't you just love it when someone comments? I mean, someone took time out of their busy life to say/type a message to you, well me, I mean. Anyway. I just love it. Makes me feel all happy and loved and special all at the same time. It doesn't take much these days. LOL!

Anyway, sleep deprivation is making me ramble again, jeez!

I was so excited to hear that I might have actually inspired a couple people to dress up for trick or treat next year! HOOT HOOT! Yay! Let's do it for the kids gals! I promise they will love it. Isn't that why we all blog about our lives? To hopefully reach someone on some level? It just made my day to get those comments. Thanks girls.

I don't call myself the "organized mommy" for nothin'. I haven't shared a tip in while. Maybe because I am seriously sleep deprived. I am a blubbering idiot most days wandering around my house wondering where to start but I did do this a couple weeks ago...
I got new stair baskets (that's what I have called them from the beginning.) Yes, I know they are buckets, but I still call them that. I can't find a picture of the old ones. They were from the dollar store. Way cute, but flimsy as heck. And I couldn't find a fourth one that matched, that was bugging anal-retentive-me, of course.

I got these at Ace Hardware, they are in the painting aisle, about $4 each. I do so love Ace by the way. It is small enough you can run in, ours has a post office that gives lollipops (score for Tanner!), and the people are so super helpful! :) It is the helpful hardware place I guess!

I like it that the buckets are cute, first of all. (I actually have a bucket fetish I think, I have tons of them and I always buy them when Target has them in the dollar aisle. Shh, don't tell anyone!) And I like that they have a handle, easier for little ones to carry upstairs when I announce it "is time to empty your stair baskets!" Or in other words, get your little booties upstairs and stay in your rooms, your bugging the be-geezies out of me! And I like that they are metal (steel?) so they are studier than the fabric cube thing-ies I had from the dollar store.

I put the random things/junk that I find all over the downstairs. Mostly Gogos, hair rubber bands, tiny legos, random pacis, all that fun stuff that the kids would be mad at me for throwing away which is what I really want to do with it all. That is my method of keeping the clutter at somewhat bay.


And lastly, are you watching Revenge? I am sadly addicted. I think it is the only non-reality show I like. It's on tonight in case you are interested. I love the main girl (can't remember her name) she was on Brothers and Sisters and I only watched Revenge because I recognized her. Big Tall Hubby and I love how diabolical she is. Go Emily!


Kerri said...

Cute buckets!! Great idea to have them on the stairs so the kids can just grab them and go put their stuff away. Brady use to be so good at picking up his stuff...but lately he'll leave a pencil here, a DS game there, an empty water bottle....stuff all over. I feel like I walk behind him all the time telling him to pick up his stuff! I like your tin I just need me some stairs!

Jill said...

That is a cute idea! I have a stair basket that everyone's things go into and we carry and empty it out at the top. But I like the organization of those.
Have a great week!


Becca said...

Cute buckets! I'm afraid they're too small for my kiddos since they seem to completely undress themselves downstairs every day...socks, sweatshirts, the occasional pair of pants...not to mention all their junk. I think I may need stair suitcases...hahaha!