Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nov. 1st, trick or treat recap

I love these seasonal potato heads, I wish I could find more of them on sale (the way I got this one), they just crack me up.
No offense Halloween, but I am glad you are over. I am exhausted! Good grief, you are a lot of work.

Some of my Halloween musings...

1. Trick or treat should not be on a Monday night and have school the next day! We're the grownups here people, let's make this thing work to our advantage!

2. Every house should give some kind of treat, bah humbug to you that hide in your house with the lights off. If I have to traipse all my kids in the freezing cold, can't you at least give them a nickel or a piece of Bubblicious? (except those who refrain for religious reasons of course)

3. Everyone should have to construct their own costume. Not necessarily sew like Martha but make it out of stuff from Goodwill or what you have at home. I hate that we have to spend $30 at least for a costume that our kids will wear for two hours. Then the stinkin' thing gets a big rip in it 30 minutes into trick or treat.

4. Parents should dress up with their kids, even if it is a little hat, some face paint, or character tshirt, it is a great bonding experience and your kids will remember it forever. (They'll remember that their parents liked to have fun and weren't sticks in the mud!)

5. People should trick or treat in their own neighborhood. Geez Louise, we had about a gazillion drop offs (you know the vans pull up and about 10 giant kids in hoodies get out, kind of scary and crazy looking) and then we had others just following us up and down the street. It was creepy to have a van following us all night. I guess people think that because we have a nice house on a golf course that we will have "better" candy. I think if we all stick to our streets then think of the sense of community and bonding we would all experience. We leave our treats on the porch because we pack up all of the kids in strollers or wagons. This is one of the nights we actually see a lot of our neighbors. I adore watching my kids clamor around to each house, I wouldn't miss it for anything. I love seeing all the kids and families out and about for a change. We always say we are the only family on the block who plays outside. Our bucket is always empty when we got home but that is ok, someone enjoyed those treats.

6. No one should comment on a parent's costume, ever. (see #4) We do it to have fun with our kids, it isn't a competition people! (Yes, some awful rude people, who were following us in their van, made fun of my costume and yes, it hurt my feelings. No, I didn't scream, "go back to your street ya jerks!" But I wanted to.)

7. Papa Johns should deliver late night pizzas for free to parents who are exhausted and finally got their kids to sleep. We deserve it Papa! I ate so much chocolate, Weight Watchers would be ashamed of me.

8. In order to get to eat all that candy, kids should have to clean up the entire house after trick or treating. Mine is absolutely trashed. No kidding. It's scary-ier than Freddy Kruger.

9. I think bloody and gory costumes should be for adults only. And I think they should only wear them to an adult only party, because no matter how cool the kids think they are in the daylight, at night they are really scary.

10. Every house should have a jack o'lantern on it, with a candle/light. Come on people, let's have some good old fashioned family fun here!
Yes, I dress up my dog. He has worn this tshirt and collar for a couple years. He is getting old and grumpy and doesn't like to wear costumes as much. I have an Elvis one but I didn't have the energy to fight him. (in keeping with my recent Elvis-love theme.) I also drag him trick or treating with us, he doesn't like it. He'd rather just walk, not too keen on the stopping and going, but again, I don't care, he's going and he's liking it gosh darn it.
Asher= My punkin' (technically a jack o'lantern, but who's keeping track?), by the way, this was Zoe's costume. **sniff**
Parker= werewolf. I didn't really like this, I don't like creepy but he loves it. He told me he was Jacob from Twilight, I think he thought I'd like it better. I am not officially "Team Jacob" but I will be for my buddy. ;)
Tanner=gorilla. I sent Big Tall Hubby and the boys to get the boys' costumes. Big mistake. He came home with the werewolf and the creepiest skull mask for Tanner you ever saw. Tanner looked so gross. I hated it. I didn't complain out loud because I sent him after all, I couldn't complain, he was trying to save me a trip to the Halloween store (pure torture!). Tanner wore it around the house but when he saw it lying around he wouldn't even touch it. I think since he couldn't see himself he was ok at first. So he said he wanted to be a monkey. This is an oldie but goodie that I drug out of the closet. Tanner was thrilled and warm. The skeleton mask is hidden in the basement.
Big Tall Hubby was a "dude." The mohawk gave him a few more inches height when it was standing up straight. Like he needs it.
Zoe was an 80's valley girl. Funny, I was an 80's valley girl in third grade also. Jeez, I am getting old. (I am having camera issues, sorry it is blurry.)
I was "Super Mom". I had a spatula and broom on my tool belt. A pack of band aids on one arm and tissues on the other. I wish I have lost more weight, this would have been a much cuter costume in tights and a fitted shirt and big heeled boots. But even super moms wear yoga pants and fleece! I was going to be a cat again this year but I had a flash to make this one night when I was up feeding Asher. I borrowed Parker's free cape from the Reds game, and BTH's belt and obviously I had all the other accessories. Mask was found in the basement dress up clothes.
Again, sorry for blurry pictures. Scrapbook paper and stickers are so handy!
A family that is sure to scare the neighborhood.
Are you cracking up at Parker's "webs" on the left bush? See those blobs? He wanted them so bad, he spread out cotton balls and then begged us to go to get him some "real" spiderwebs at the store. Another errand/outing for Big Tall Hubby and boys.

He didn't ride in the stroller much. I carried him most of the night. Told ya I'm SUPER MOM!
Inspecting their bounty. (Is anyone else over these yellow pictures!? I keep telling Big Tall Hubby that fluorescent light bulbs make the worst lighting for pictures, he doesn't believe me!!!)
Not crying, eating a caramel candy. Hee hee!

So there you have it. Halloween 2011 is a wrap for us.


Kerri said...

What a FUN bunch you guys are! Your costume is great....you may have inspired me to dress up next year...even if I have to go alone!
Loved your suggestions for us next year...but I have always felt the way you do about people coming coming in vans and big groups to neighborhoods they don't even live in. I don't think that's fair at all. We will come up with something next year! Glad you guys had a fun night....everyone looks great!

Becca said...

Yea!! Pictures! You all looked super cute and I'm stealing the "Super Mom" idea for next year. {and I think Zoe needs to be a model! Strike that pose girl!}

Kristin said...

Love the costumes! You ARE super mom. Those people were just jealous they aren't super anything except maybe super jerks.

Bring Pretty Back said...

What fun you guys had! I used to love Halloween!!!
Now that the boys are grown it makes me sad...
And we live back in the woods and we do not get even ONE trick or treater... sniff sniff.
Love all your suggestions - cracked me up!
I am glad you all had fun!
Have a pretty day!

Sarah said...

That's it, you've inspired me to dress up next year. I'm a little bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to fully celebrating Halloween, but next year I'm ALL the way in!! Thank you!!