Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I think this guy's cheeks are chapped because I kiss them all the time. I am keeping his little baldy head covered because I fret over him being cold all the time, plus these little baby hats are so darn cute.What are you thankful for? I keep asking my kids that. I keep reading what everyone is blogging about and Facebooking about and today I am very thankful. I am amazed at what some people put out there to be thankful for... beer (saw this one on FB), really!? It seems like everyone is just cruising right past Thanksgiving (using it as an excuse to overindulge) to get right down to shopping and spending money like maniacs. It just makes me sad.

I am thankful, truly, for the obvious: my husband, my kids, my home, food, shelter, a steady income, ability to pay our bills, my extended family, appropriate clothes... really. All those things, I am thankful for today and everyday. I promise, I am not just saying that. I watch the news everyday and get so sad for people all over the world who have it so much worse than I could ever imagine. I don't really feel all that thankful for "stuff", other than necessities, I can live without the newest I-phone or game system.

Today I am most thankful for health. I beat myself up everyday after stepping on the scale and not seeing the pounds just fly off. But I am healthy. Not sick, not ailing, not frail. So for that I am thankful.

I am thankful for my kids' health. They are all growing so well and I can give myself a break for letting them have ice cream and cookies, they are healthy and for that I am glad.

I am thankful for my husband's health as well. This morning he woke up with a weird numbness in his face. He was unable to smile, whistle, and food tasted "weird" so I immediately panicked. I was thinking the worst (don't we always!?), a stroke! I was thinking, oh my gosh, what are we going to do? How can I make him better? What am I going to tell the kids? Why us? Is he going to be ok?

I got through the morning the best I could taking the boys to gymnastics, getting Zoe on the bus, buying a birthday gift for my neighbor, all that everyday stuff. I made him go to the doctor because I just couldn't stop worrying. Why do our hubbys resist going to the doctor? It turns out he has Bell's Palsy. A weird, random, usually temporary paralysis of the face. I had heard of it before but never thought much of it. Obviously, we were thrilled it wasn't more serious but nonetheless we want him well. He was prescribed some medicine and I am doing lots of Internet research hoping to learn all I can. So today, I am thankful for health. All the other "stuff" just doesn't seem very important right now.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I am also thankful for all those Blog Mommies I chat with, you are some wonderful wonderful ladies.


Kerri said...

Awww! I'm thankful for you too...and one of these times I'm in Ohio visiting my family, I'm going to stop by! Eric had bell's palsy when Brady was about a year old. Weird. It just happened one morning...someone at work said, why isn't your left side of your face moving when you talk? He hadn't even noticed anything weird. He took medicine too and I think it took about a month before it finally went away. Hope your hubby feels better SOON! You're right, so much to be thankful for...as long as we have good health and our families...all that other stuff just doesn't matter.
Happy Thanksgiving Jenny!

Sarah said...

I like your thankful list :) Glad Big Tall is ok, I would have totally freaked too, it's just what we do. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jill said...

As soon as you described your husbands
Symptoms that's the first thing that came to my mind.
Jerry had this when we dated and his whole
Right side of his face was paralyzed. Very scary.
Hope it clears up for your hubby soon!!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Wishing
You all the best.


Becca said...

Ok...I thought I had read this post. Am I that absent minded? Geez! I clicked on your blog today and nothing new so I thought to myself..."I'll just re-read her post for the fun of it"...then I realized that I never finished reading it! Jeez...I must have gotten interrupted by one of my kids...

I'm so sorry BTH has Bell's...those symptoms are scary! One of the dentists I work with had it not too long ago. You seem to hear about it happening more and more...weird.

I hope your Thanksgiving went well and that BTH is doing better. I'm Thankful for my blog buddies too...I miss you when you don't have a new post every couple of days...