Thursday, December 1, 2011


Here I am with my boys (Big Tall Hubby was the photog) on a lovely Thanksgiving Day hike, we were visiting my Big Tall In-laws and they live right by this giant forrest/national park, we took advantage of the great weather... my sweet daughter was spending time with her Nana so she is missing from the photo but she was having her own kind of fun. (getting spoiled by her Nana! one on one time is the best!)
Thanksgiving was delish, of course. I am still digesting all that sweet potato casserole (I think I ate about half the entire pan), I love that stuff. I am doing lots of laundry and trying to get ready for Christmas decorations that are going to start appearing this weekend. So, in other words, I am a busy little momma.

I have been reading everyone's posts, although not commenting. Sorry, I know we all love our comments. All my "extra" computer time I have been devoting to researching treatments for my Big Tall Hubby's Bell's Palsy. We are trying to find some alternative treatments for him and it is taking a lot of time and energy. I hope to have my laundry under control and the house all decked out by this weekend so I can devote more time to the fun stuff... crafting, blogging, reading blogs, baking, wrapping, internet shopping, etc.

Take care.

Talk to you next week, I hope!

Thanks Becca, for saying you missed me. That really made my day. I needed it.


Kerri said...

I love the sweet potato casserole too...definitely the dish I'm most excited about on Thanksgiving!

How is BTH doing? I hope you are able to find an alternative treatment that will work for him. You're such a good wife!

Jen said...

I agree...there is so much to do these is hard to find time to catch up in Blogland. I hope the research leads to some great options. I loved your "thankful" post too.