Friday, December 16, 2011

We're in the home stretch ladies!

Only nine more days left! Not that I am trying to send you into a spaztic tirade or anything (please don't yell at me or comment in all CAPs), I'm just stating the obvious. Holy crap, can there really only be 9 days until Christmas!!!??? I am going to need lots of something (chocolate, wine, meds, naps?) to get me through this absolutely crazy time of year.

Whenever I get near the homestretch of anything (the end of a long run/race, the last pile of laundry, the nine days before Christmas, whatever) I swear I always think of this song/scene... I even have it on my IPod for times I really need to hear it.

Don't you just love Rocky? I have had a lifelong crush on Sylvester (shh, don't tell John Travolta, he thinks he is the only one, he is my number one, but there's something about Sly that I just love, probably the muscles and droopy eyes) and this scene gets me every time.

Asher is wearing his gray sweats in honor of the iconic climb up the stairs or at our house, the mad dash to finish all the Christmas preparations.
He'd run up the stairs and fist pump if he could.
I am super excited to report that I got my Nikon fixed! Holla! It has had this annoying spot on it forever and I could not fix it myself. I went to the camera shop and my new hero, the camera shop guy, fixed it for FREE! Holla! (again, jeez, there's a lot of hollerin' goin' on today!) I could have kissed him, but I didn't, he wasn't my type. Hee hee.
I am so glad to have this guy working again. I hope it helps me have some great pics and less yellow ones, you know how I loathe those yellow ones. (Please forgive my icky winter hands, I need a mani like yesterday!)

Have a great weekend.

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