Wednesday, December 7, 2011

4 months old

Already. I hate it. I swear his little baby life is flying by at warp speed. He is big enough for the exersaucer. He loves it.
Enjoy the cheeks people.
And the drool.

Some toys never get old. My big kids are playing with this too. Parker (6 year old giant!) keeps getting in the seat. My house is never dull. Tanner just walks by and pats his head. :)
Asher was 4 months old on november 30th, I was just too crazy busy to get it posted on that day. you'll forgive me right?!


Becca said...

Can't believe how fast it goes...these kiddos truely are with us for such a short time...4 mos. old and then 18 going to college. I get so sad thinking about it!

Jen said...

Oh yes...the drool. So cute!

Kerri said...

4th months already! Look at those big blue eyes! He looks a lot like his daddy!