Monday, December 19, 2011

Cleaning up stomach flu remnants is never on my things to do list

Warning: Tirade ahead....

Friday was Zoe's dance team Christmas party. I forced Big Tall Hubby to stay home with #2 and #3 (he was supposed to go to a basketball game- oh the glamorous life of a high school principal!) so I could take Zoe to her party and only have to keep track of #4 who is easy because all the other dance moms steal him away to get their baby fix. We were dance partying and having a good time when I am talking to one of the other moms. She proceeds to tell me how her daughters and herself were JUST getting over the stomach flu. OK, really?! I wanted to punch her. What in the world was she doing there spreading her germs every-freakin'-where? Of course one of her daughters is one of Zoe's dance BFFs and they were hugging like only little girls who haven't seen each other for three hours since school was out do. You can imagine what I was doing in the wee hours of Saturday morning... it wasn't pretty and I wasn't happy. Should I call that dance mom and ream her out? Maybe make a vague Facebook update so she'll know the havoc she has wrecked on my house? I know, I shouldn't but I want to so desperately. Some people just have no clue. Her, not me of course!

my things to do this week:
  • clean massive carpet stains, hmm, take a wild guess
  • wrap, a lot, like every night until 2AM
  • do a quick house cleaning for Tanner's birthday and Christmas day! (YIKES!)
  • try to maintain my sanity
  • try not to get the stomach flu
  • buy more Lysol, hand sanitizer, and disinfectants of any kind
  • stay away from Zoe (just kidding!)

my menus this week:
  • um, seriously, I haven't planned one meal except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I am going to wing it which will probably not help me to maintain my sanity. Stomach flu always throws me for a serious loop, and it takes me a while to recover, even if I am only on clean up duty.
I did manage to finish cookie baking for Big Tall Hubby's staff...

I'm the best wife. Ever.
First I gathered my supplies,
paper bags
stamps and ink
patterned paper
baby foot is optional...
baby toy is necessary!
then I decided to cut the edge of the bags to make them "cuter"
next time I will use my sewing pinking sheers, these paper ones just didn't make nice cuts
I thought, "oh I will be so thrifty and use these paper strips that I saved from my Christmas cards a few years ago" but crap, I am such a doofus, they were too short sooooo...
I added a white circle which ended up being ok, because then I can write "from Big Tall Principal" on there! I'm a genius.
my assistants were excellent supervisors, Asher took his place in my lap
Tanner was at my feet.
If only I had to make the bags, I'd be set! I love paper crafts way more than anything else.
I made cookies, again, this year, but I think I will try something new for next year. I might be asking you all for ideas later.

All packaged. Ready to go. My steam was running out for sure because I should have made cuter bows but by the time I was done, I was DONE, you know what I mean?!

Have a great week, everyone.

One more pic to share, Big Tall Hubby just set this as our screen saver for some reason. It is cracking me up! Poor Tanner. (this is from two summers ago- look how little he was!)


Kerri said...

I would have felt the SAME exact way when that mother said they were just getting over the flu. How inconsiderate...especially this close to Christmas. Geez. Looks like you've been busy with the cookies......CUTE bags too!

Suzanne said...

We just had a play date with our friend whose daughter is always sick. And I'm not exaggerating. Honestly, I can't remember the last time she didn't have a runny nose. We have cancelled so many play dates because of the perpetual illness, but alas, we finally made one happen. And she came with a runny nose! I was assured it was allergies, nothing contagious. A few days later, I received a text that our little friend had Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease:(
I was frantic, too! Trying to disinfect, but by that time he had already been exposed, & yes, he caught it! He had never been sick before, not even a cold! I was pretty upset and resigned to saying no more playdates with them. But with the passage of time, I'm over it. But I will make sure to say no playdate if she has any sick symptoms! And I bought Basic G which is a non toxic disinfectant (lasts longer than bleach & Lysol) to clean the toys & surfaces after she leaves.
In a positive light, I l

Suzanne said...

I love your bags of cookies! You rock!
Also, love your blog! This is fun:)