Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pretzel hugs and things on my mind

Sarah, my princess, here are the hugs I made. I stole this recipe from someone a loooooong time ago. It might have been Becky Higgins, the scrapbooker, but I am not sure. Anyway, I love these little treats and it is so hard to give them away. They are pretty and yummy.

Here are my supplies:
square pretzels (I use Snyders, they are my favorite pretzel, perfectly salty but not too much- I love giant tubs of things from Costco!)
M&M's (I have only tried the orginal kind but I am thinking of going wild and trying peanut next time!)
Hershey kisses hugs (usually I get the white and milk chocolate kind, but this time I tried the peppermint kind, whoo hoo, yummers I tell ya!)
baby in bouncy seat, totally optional, his running commentary made it more fun! Dick Vitale has nothing on this guy
spread the pretzels on any baking sheet or pan in a flat layer
unwrap the hug and put it on the pretzel
bake at 200 degrees for 8 minutes
immediately put M&Ms on the melty hug
let them sit for a few hours to get hard again
then put them in a cute bag with a sparkly ribbon and you are set!

The kids "helped" me put M&Ms on the hugs this year which is why they are all wonky looking. I am usually way-anan-retentive about them being on there all pretty but my crew was really determined to help this time.

By the way, these are the only Christmas goodie I make that I actually sample and eat afterwards. Fudge, buckeyes, cookies, toffee, I get sick of it after I make it all but not these bad boys! Mmmmm mmmm, love them. The peppermint hugs made them have a nice bite. (I have been watching Giada too much, I love that girl. Must make a note to post about my new tv BFF sometime!)

And now some things I am thinking about today.....
really I am just procrastinating my supposed to do things but don't tell anyone!

1. I was at Walgreens again today (between that and my grocery store, I don't need to shop anywhere else!) and I saw a young guy (obviously down on his luck) ride up on a bike and go inside. He was behind me in line. I just happened to see what he was buying, only because I was trying to wrangle Tanner, that boy is like a bucking broncho at the store! The poor guy had an EPT and a box of Trojans. Hmm, if you're buying the EPT, it might be too late for the Trojans. Just a thought. I didn't say anything but I wanted to. Poor guy just put them in his backpack and pedaled off down the road. I'm thinking he might have a rough day today.

2. I am not receiving as many Christmas cards as I used to. **sniff** Do I offend? (You "Pretty in Pink" movie lovers will recognize that as a Duckie line from the movie, anyway.) That makes me sad. I love getting a stack of love every day for a month. It makes all those other envelopes, the kind with the plastic windows saying "statement enclosed" a lot easier to open.

3. Don't you just love the little sayings on the Taco Bell sauce packs? My favorites are: "I'm bringing saucy back" and "take me to your taco." I am a Taco Bell hot sauce hoarder. I love it. I have tried all kinds of hot sauces and none compares. I put that sh** on everything! (hee hee- just like the Frank's hot sauce commercial.)

4. Do not send your hubby to buy family gifts for the kids or you'll end up with this.
I sent Big Tall Hubby out to get some gifts for the all kids from us because we know Santa is taking care of their lists. I was thinking he might get a new Wii game (we only have 3), a microscope, or a new sled. Nope. He got some hamsters. I didn't get mad. But I did say, "why are you explaining to me how to clean their cage and feed them?!" He laughed because I guess he knew where I was going with that one. Their names are Sugar and Speedy, because one is white and the other one is well, speedy. He almost got away last night. Our kids pretty much think we are the best parents in the universe right now. They have wanted a new pet forever. Like we don't have enough already!!!

5. This is my 797th post. Man do I have a lot to say or do I just blab a lot?! Thanks for reading girlies.

Have a great day ladies.


Sarah said...

Big hugs for the hugs recipe. I'm making those and I think it was really nice of you to let your kiddos help{something I have a hard time with myself!}

Hamsters! You guys ARE the best parents in the world. I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fish that Holden wants. Hamsters are so, so, so mouse like. You are brave :)

Feeling bad for the guy with the Trojans. I think he made a deal with God before he walked in there. God, if you can hear me I will never...

Karen said...

I LOVE that you used a Pretty in Pink quote. Of course I recognized it right away!

797!? Good Golly!

Kerri said...

Love those festive! I had a bag of the red and white kisses in my cart at Target today and then put them back! I have already made enough goodies and told myself I wouldn't make anymore. Plus, I haven't been able to find the red and green m&m's. Since they've come out w/ the mint ones...the plain ones are hard to find!
I would kill my husband if he came home with a hamster cage! :)