Tuesday, December 27, 2011

3! vacation week

My little Tanner is three today! I swear, I just brought him home from the hospital yesterday. It seems like it anyway.
He is such an awesome kiddo. He is super smart and lovable. He talks nonstop but that is ok, he loves all animals and plants. His favorite food is candy (if you want to consider candy a food group). His favorite thing to do is play with his plastic animals with someone or play puzzles in his room. He loves to read books and go to gymnastics. He can ride his tricycle and jump on the trampoline so he thinks he is a big kid now. He can be a stinker and very stubborn but we all have our faults don't we?!
He is kind of confused because we celebrated his birthday on Christmas Eve (when most of our family was in town) so he doesn't really understand that he is actually three today. That's ok, I know it and I am so happy to be his mommy. I know he and I will have loads of fun in the years to come.

He wanted an elephant cake this year. Do you know how hard it is to find a good sample elephant cake picture? Most of them look perverse! Think about it... two round ears and a trunk coming off them... now do you get it? Just go to Google and check it out, you will see how it is impossible to find a cute one. So I had to get creative.
I cut out sugar cookie elephants and made jungle trees out of pretzel rods and candy. He thought it was "awesome," I guess that is all that mattered. I also used cookie cutters to make the words "happy birthday Tanner" because writing with icing is impossible. I am determined to take a class on this and get better.
My house looks like this..... but everywhere.

I'm sure you'll excuse me if I take the rest of the week off blogging to clean up and take my kids to three different dentist appointments, sports and dance practices, gymnastics, and whatever else I scheduled this week, so much for vacation!

I hope everyone has a great new year!


Kerri said...

Happy Birthday Tanner! He was your baby when I started reading your blog! You did an AWESOME job on his cake!! Love the trees! Our house looks similiar...I am almost at my breaking point. I did do a little organizing yesterday...but until all of the Christmas stuff comes down and gets put away...it will drive me nuts! Enjoy your family being home this week!
Happy New New Year to you!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Tanner!! Hope your having a great week and I love your cake-yummers!