Thursday, January 5, 2012

January kills me every time

50% of our family birthdays are in the weeks between Christmas and January 17th. (Tanner, Big Tall Hubby, and Zoe) I am slightly busy... I am surrounded by needy, bossy, Capricorns! ugh.

I am a madwoman right now:

Planning birthdays

Cleaning up from the holidays, where the heck do all these pine needles come from?!

Packing up holiday decor (some to keep, some to give away- Goodwill here I come!)

Organizing all the new gifts and presents (it's ridiculous this time of year)

Making goals and lists for the new year**

Beginning my exercising again (along with the rest of the American population)

All the while trying to keep up my regular mom/wife duties, it's exhausting as you can well relate.

Unfortunately, this guy

is trying to give up his naps. **sigh** Why do they fight it? Kids, they are dingalings, I tell ya. They insist on staying up late when they get that big kid bed, that taste of freedom is just too much then they don't take a nap during the day. So of course they are viciously tired and they conk out at the worst times and cannot be woken up for anything. This makes for tired kids and mommies.

I promise to be back in full blogging force next week. I love the start of a new year and new goals and new things to do lists!

Have a great week, I hope I survive our first sleepover party this weekend. Ei-yi-yi!

**I promise to share next week.


Kerri said...

You have a busy couple of weeks coming up...but then again, you're always busy, so, you're use to it! That transition from needing naps to needing them sometimes is a hard one. I remember dreading the naps coming to an end...but it is nice not having to rush home from somewhere just for naps. Execpt in your case when you still have another child napping!
Happy New Year Jenny!

Jen said...

We just took a trunk load of stuff to Good Will this week...and we are still cleaning. But our tree is till up. This weekend will be another big clean out! A madwoman too!

Becca said...

Happy New Year! Hang in can do it!

Suzanne said...

Hi Jenny!
Yah! You are Super Woman, tackling all those holidays and birthdays, new year to-do's AND blogging! I have a sleepfighter on my hands, too. He is a champion sleepfighter, has been since he was born. I just love your blog, girl:) I especially enjoy looking at your kids' photos and the clever titles you've given them , even the bird, so funny! Your Pug's face gets me giggling every time! Happy New year:) xoxo