Wednesday, January 11, 2012

As you put those new toys away

Put a label on those new electronic cords before you forget.

Don't think you will remember which cord goes to which item.

Because you won't.

I speak from experience.

I just uncovered a box of cords, not labeled, I have no idea what they are for, maybe a digital camera, maybe a Leapfrog toy? Just call it the cord lotto. Trying to upload pictures to my computer, this cord works! We have a winner! Ding ding! It would sound something like that.

Zoe got a Nook (I know! spoiled brat!) and an I Pod for Christmas and just looking at those cords along with a few more just made me start to sweat.

I used my label maker for Big Tall Hubby's new car warmer travel coffee mug, pictured above, (and a whole slew of other things) but you could also use a small piece of masking tape, cut to size Avery labels, White-out written with Sharpie, or a silver Sharpie (those show up great on black).

Happy labeling my friends. :)


Karen said...

Great tip Jenny! You don't call yourself Organized Mommy for nothing!

Beloved's Bride said...

Labels! So funny! Pinterst is fullfilling my need of organizing every little cranny spot of my home. It is already an addiction! With pinterst, I didn't think it was possible to see so many like minded label, container organizers in one place! They are feeding my craziness. heehee!

Becca said...

good usual, you organized lady!

Kerri said...

You and your label maker! :)

Jill said...

LOL I do the same thing! I actually bought a pack of white labels and and I write on them peel and stick around the cords, whala problem solved! I think you and I would get along so great! ;-)


Jen said...

I know...I have a box of cords and chargers and such. I just keep saving them because one day I'm gonna figure out what they go to. I do not have a label maker...another must-have.

Jill said...

Hi Jenny,

Not sure what part of Ohio you are in, but my husband is just leaving there this morning. He was out on a business trip at the aquarium. :-)

Have a good day!