Wednesday, January 25, 2012

watchin' my weight Wednesday

Does carrying around a 17 1/2 pound weight all day count as a workout?

What if he's really cute? Does that count as an extra rep?

How about never sitting down? I actually just heard last week (ABC nightly news maybe?) that sitting for 7 hours a day has the same negative effects as smoking! Who knew? Seriously, I never sit down, except to feed the baby. That has to count for some calorie burn right?

My treadmill time has been sporadic at best this past week. So bummed about it. I really do want to get up and get moving but honestly, I haven't heard the alarm clock for about 6 days. How is that possible? Jeezels. The only way I knew it was time to get up at all was because Big Tall Hubby got up and pulled the covers off me, freezing me to death. That is crazy. Usually I wake up at the slightest noise. I do get up with the baby (and Tanner- who has taken to waking several times a night- should I just give him back the paci?!). But that pesky beep of the alarm just goes unnoticed. I guess my body has programmed itself to hear what it needs to hear.

I found a dress that I want to buy when I get to my goal weight. I taped it to my treadmill as inspiration. I also downloaded Kelly Clarkson's new song, love it. And I have been listening to this a lot after the kids go to bed. Does night-time dancing/lip syncing while folding laundry count as a workout?

Next Wednesday I hope to post a weight loss and a successful week of workouts. Please excuse me as I go do some more weight lifting with my baby.


Kerri said...

My arms never looked better than when I was carrying Brady around. Now they're back to being tone-less. :(
Ashton sure looks like his daddy! Do you hear that a lot?
I can't believe that sitting down for long periods has the same effect as smoking. Really?! :)

Sarah said...

17 lbs!! WOW! that is some baby. He is adorable. I love his big blue eyes and wet little pink lips. Nothin better than those kisses. I love the stage when you go down to kiss them and they grab onto your ears and a handful of hair and just laugh. He looks like he might be at that stage. Oh memories.

I think hauling a baby around counts as a work out. I agree with Kerri that my arms never looked as good as when I was carring a big baby arround.

Hey-that's exciting house news. Good luck with the showings!

Jill said...

Of course carrying a baby counts! :-) I love Kelly's new song too, great beat. Enjoy the rest of your week!