Thursday, January 12, 2012

Looking for Bigfoot

My family is convinced there is a Bigfoot (or a lot of them, would that be Bigfeet?). Let me clarify, everyone but ME! I think it is a big goofy hoax. Unfortunately, I am alone in this. Now there is this really annoying show called "Finding Bigfoot" on some nature channel (I don't know which one because I leave the room every time it is on).

My Big Tall Hubby and the kids camp out on the couch every episode and plan out their next excursion. Last year on vacation, we were walking through the jungle-y part of Sanibel, Florida and my kids were hollering (no other way to describe it) for Skunk Apes, another version of Bigfoot. OK, really? I am seriously annoyed at this. We go on nature walks and they all holler and scare each other silly, "did you just see that bush move? It's a Squatch!" Ugh. I just want to deck them all.

My Big Tall Hubby has them brainwashed that when he retires, we are all going Bigfoot hunting. Don't count me in, I'm going to the beach, and not the one where the goofy people on tv swear they have seen the Skunk Ape.

I keep telling them, every time they tune in to their favorite show, that if the people on the show indeed found a Bigfoot, we would have heard about it already since the show is taped way before. They don't argue with me, but they still sit glued to the tv. Can I say, "ugh" again? How about adding an eye roll?

I just go upstairs to fold laundry or organize something when the show comes on, I'm a party pooper and I don't care.

Parker made this Bigfoot and it is taped next to our tv. So now we have found Bigfoot and I have to stare at it all day. Ugh. Eye roll. Big sigh. (the picture doesn't show, but this Bigfoot is really big!)
Speaking of my buddy, Parker... he was chosen to be student of the month for his class! Whooee! I was so excited.

His big sister has been chosen every year of school and I was secretly praying for him to please be selected. It's hard to follow in the footsteps of a very successful older sibling. I knew he would be crushed if he didn't get selected but he wasn't saying anything about it yet. I am not kidding, I was really praying every day, I know some people might think that kind of praying is wasteful but I'm telling you my child's happiness and positive self esteem are worthy of my prayers. Anyway, I am so proud of him. I knew he was working so hard in class and I was holding on to hope that he would be recognized. The power of prayer is amazing.

Have a great weekend.

Watch out for Squatch!


Jill said...

LOL too cute!! :-)

Sarah said...

SO FUNNY! I had no idea that Big Tall was into stuff like that. I see a different side of him and I like it :) If Holden knew that show was on we would totally be forced to watch it so I'm keeping this post a secret!

I am indeed mad at you for getting 14.00 rain boots, but that's what I get for not shopping around. There have been times I have paid more not to leave my house-I'm lazy like that.

I know you look adorable in your rain boots and tights. You go girl! I am convinced that you burn more calories wearing rain boots. Is it just me or are they a lot of work to walk in while running errands. I'm thinking if we have a rainy spring I can drop an extra pound :)

Kerri said...

First of all Congratulations to Parker!! Good for him!
And, I am with you....I leave the room everytime my guys are watching that stupid show. I'm not sure why any intelligent person would sit and watch that show...but they do. Not me, I have better things to do than watch people going around filming themselves trying to convince other people that they saw big foot!