Wednesday, January 25, 2012

this one is full of my made up words

A couple responses to yesterday's post:

I searched ABC new forever trying to find the story about the negative health effects of sitting for a long time but I cannot find it anywhere. Anyway, here is a similar version:

Time news story about sitting for long periods

It pretty much says the same thing. I hate when bloggers just sprout off facts (or things that seem factual) and don't back them up, or at least try to.

And by the way, ABC news has a crazy full website. So Diane Sawyer, love you babe, but please don't tell me to look at your website for more information. (Have you ever noticed she says that all the time?!) That website is its own world wide web of info. Shooo-eee!

And yes, Sarah, my princess, Asher is in fact at the stage where he grabs my hair and pulls me in for a wet, slobbery, mouthy "kiss." At least, I call it a kiss. Mmmm-wack!
And just a little tip...
I am using all my gift cards like crazy. Who doesn't love gift cards? This time of year is great because you are getting all those Christmas bills and you still have to shop, notice say "have to", I have to get more organizing things for all the toys Santa brought! Gift cards are the answer.

I used to try to keep the receipts taped to the card so I would know how much balance I had left but sometimes I keep gift cards for a while before I use them and then I would lose the receipts. I finally figured out that if I use a Sharpie, don't you just love Sharpies, and write the balance on the card as soon as I get home I can file the receipt (in case of return) and I still know my balance. Yeppers, I'm a genius like that.

Some companies have a number you can call to check the balance of gift cards but honestly, my house is too loud and crazy to talk on the phone even for a couple minutes. Be sure to check the rules of your gift cards, some of them expire (I don't get that but they do) and some take money off if you don't use them in a certain amount of time. GAH!

Do you love all my made up words? Just call them Jenny-ese.

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Kerri said...

What a great idea to write on the gift card...I would never have thought to do that. I'm one of those people that calls the number on the back. Although these days I can barely see that small number! I need to get out my reading glasses!