Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Big Tall Hubby says we say "really" too much. Really?! It's even in the new Reese Witherspoon movie preview. I know I do, I am going to try to stop.

Oh yeah, he looks cute here but let me tell you. Too much partying has made this boy appear to be possessed by the devil. Yesterday, he bit Parker twice, threw a laundry basket at him, tried to push on Asher's head while he was in the exercauser and he hit all of us at least once. He said "no" so many times I think he used it all up. Sounds like a typical day of a three year old and normally I wouldn't complain. Read on to see why this behavior might have put me over the top.
Saturday,we had our last birthday celebration at our house. (until Asher's in July) And I was ready to take a break from partying and making cakes and cleaning house and all that. Our celebrating has been happening since October... no kidding! It starts with Parker's birthday and then comes Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and New Year's and sprinkle in some birthdays and well this party is pooped I tell ya. So anyway, I was ready to hang up my streamers, wait I already did that, a lot! I was ready to put them in their storage box and put my feet up.

Then our old realtor called. Really?!

She had a client who wanted to see our house. Really?!

We aren't even actively listed for sale. Our house is apparently still on the "for sale by owner" site we used way back and we get random calls for it every now and then. We have been tossing the idea of relisting on that site so we can try to sell at a lower price (because there would be no realtor commission) but I have been saying, "no way can I do that right now! I have a teeny baby for goodness sake Big Tall Hubby!!! Don't you know how hard it would be to sell a house with a newborn? I know because I have done it with Tanner!" To which he replies, "really?!"

Anyway, you can imagine what I have been doing for the last 24 hours. Yep, cleaning and the like. When our old realtor called yesterday, I was in the middle of 9 loads of laundry. No joke. I was planning on doing some catch up since last week I was cooking (and more cleaning) and entertaining. 9 loads of laundry just don't disappear so I kept at it until 1:00 last night and in between I was a cleaning fool. I do not miss staying up late cleaning house for people I don't even know.

Now do you see why my three year old's behavior might have been causing me to eat all the leftover Recess Cups from the cupcakes I made on Saturday! Really?!

Then, a totally different realtor called us. Really?!

She too has a client who found our old house listing and they want to come see the house maybe on Sunday. Really?! So now I have to keep this place clean until then?! Really?!

Have I told you before how much I hate the house selling process? Yep, I have? Sorry. I really, really hate it. Really.

So there. I am officially being a big complaining blogger mom. I hate that too but sometimes you just have to do it.

my things to do this week:
  • catch up on sleep lost from late night cleaning and marathon laundry session, ha ha
  • finish cleaning Zoe's room with her
  • take books to sell to Half Priced Books
  • take clothes to kids' resale shop
  • finish these darn thank you notes (I swear I am finishing them this week! I refuse to look at them anymore!!!)
  • maybe go to Hobby Lobby to look for some fabric (project idea swimming in my head)

my menus for this week:
  • I have lots of leftovers from our party and I have a few things from last week that I didn't make so I'll be cleaning out my fridge and pantry. Nothing exciting to share. I think Big Tall Hubby has some late nights this week so the kids and I will be foraging. ;)
Have a great week everyone.

Really. :)


Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

i hear you on so many levels! all three of my kids have birthdays between november and january. not to mention my mother-in-laws and my nephew's birthdays. which we celebrated at my house! ack!

also i also had the house on the market with a baby. not as young as yours, but max was just over a year when we put it on the market. oh how i despise those days. hiding loads of dirty laundry in my car, quickly tidying up while trying to change a diaper and wipe down the finger prints on the fridge. ack!!! good luck! i hope everything slows down and you have a chance to relax!

Kerri said...

Tanner is much too cute...I don't believe he would bite anybody! Brady wore his buzz lightyear costume all the time....sure miss those days when he was home with me all day. I can't believe you stayed up until 1am doing laundry-really?! You do a great job with your big household....you should give yourself a pat on the back. I am excited that you have some interest in your house again....I guess it's that time of year. I think I told you this that when Brady just turned 2 our house was on the market and we waited and waited. And cleaned and cleaned. But the couple who bought it just stopped by one day...no appt. and I wasn't prepared at all. Just goes to show that people can look past a house that is lived in.