Wednesday, January 25, 2012

15 minutes can do more than save you 15 %

When I have 15 minutes the last thing I want to do is get on the phone and call an insurance company. Sorry Geico.
I didn't mean to do this. I promise. It was 8:10 AM on a school day. I was getting out a spoon, a Buzz Lightyear spoon to be exact (Tanner is very particular about his flatware) and this drawer was just looking like a hot mess.

8:25 AM (must leave for bus by 8:31 AM) and I had this huge mess on my counter.

Ain't it so purty?
I even had a small pile to add to my Goodwill box. Ha! It didn't even cost me a penny. Take that Geico. 100% savings! Boo-yah!

So do you have 15 minutes to organize something this weekend?

I'll bet you do.

Here are some ideas:
  • duh, your silverware drawer (or if you are a hillbilly like me, your flatware that you call "silverware", the only silver I wear is around my neck or on my ears)
  • your sock drawer (no holey ones allowed anymore)
  • your purses (pass some on to your diva daughter, she'll be so excited)
  • your hubby's junk drawer (My Big Tall Hubby has one, it is... woo-dawg, don't even get me started!)
  • school papers/project dumping ground (might be a basket, might be a box, whatever it is, purge baby purge)
  • hats, scarves, mittens, gloves (we still have a looooooong winter ahead of us girls)
  • sort/share some pictures on your computer or **gasp** empty those envelopes sitting on your desk from Walgreens photo lab
  • go through your makeup and get rid of that raisin colored lip stick from 1998, you don't want to look like a vampire do you? well maybe you do (Team Edward!)
  • recipes-you'll probably find one you haven't tried yet but want to
  • t-shirts, you know you have too many, admit it
  • kids craft supplies, maybe you won't have to go to Target on Feb. 13th and grab the last box of Looney Tunes Valentines for your child who really wanted Toy Story cards, they can make homemade ones this year! Yes! Your kid will be the teacher's favorite, I promise. Creativity and resourcefulness always win extra points with the teachers.

Whatever you pick, do it fast, do it quick without over-thinking it, pretend you have to catch the bus.

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