Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Well hi there 1983!

I've been tackling/reorganizing/cleaning my closet one shelf/area at a time for a while now, then Christmas came (and went) and it is a disaster again. Let me just say that I love my closet. I love it so much. It is huge. I know that if/when we ever move it will be bigger than my kitchen in our new house. It's that big. Unfortunately, it becomes the catch-all for junk, in-progress projects, depository of all things I need to "get to." AND it has those totally dumb wire shelves they put in all new-ish houses and really bad lighting so with all that being said, I still love it.

I have thought about installing a really cool closet system over the years but that hasn't happened and with us being in holding pattern (hate it, will we ever move!?) I don't want to invest a lot of time and money or energy into projects that we can't take with us. So I just keep clearing off one shelf at a time, one rack at a time, redoing it and just plain old wasting time, because as Big Tall Hubby says, "I love it in there!"

Why in the heck am I confessing my love of my closet today (and not even posting one picture of it?! You don't want to see it- trust me, Christmas stuff is still piled in there!) well I was cleaning off one of my icky wire shelves and I came across a cute little retro Strawberry Shortcake tin full of goodies, you know when Strawberry wore orthopedic shoes and ginormous hats, not cute sneakers and glitter.

See my goodies...
Two of my favorites, friendship pins and a Wham! button. I had gobs of buttons. My BFF from elementary school and I used to cover our jean jackets with these. I have some with some really funny sayings like, "I don't understand why I'm not rich and famous" I must have been quite a smarty pants in third grade! Did anyone else do this to their jackets? We were so cool. **snicker snicker**

Our shoes were covered with these cute friendship pins. I can't believe I still have some. I remember sitting on the floor making these watching "Solid Gold" at my grandma's house every Saturday. I stole all her safety pins. What is really funny is that I have pink and white and green beads on these, some things never change, those are still my favorite colors. :)

And shall we talk about Wham!?

Please know that I was seriously their biggest fan. I was going to marry George Michael. Don't you dare laugh! I was a naive nine year old. I didn't know about his "preferences" then. I remember reading my Tiger Beat magazines and they would always tell how old he was and I would calculate how old he would be when I was 18 (old enough to get married) and I remember thinking it was ok that he was like 12 years older than me. I wouldn't care because I loved him that much. Oh, the innocence of youth. I still loved him after he went solo and his preferences became a little more questionable. Could I still blame it on my youthful innocence or was it those jeans he used to wear?!

I watched this video this morning. He is still a cutie. I had those yellow fingerless gloves and I wanted a Choose Life shirt more than you can imagine. Enjoy!
P.S. Parker says "those guys' shorts are way too short mom, that's inappropriate."

I really need to find some of Big Tall Hubby's old basketball pictures to show Parker what inappropriate shorts really look like!


Karen said...

Thanks for the 80's flashback! I remember all of that oh so well! Did you keep a comb in your back jeans pocket too? I know I did! We had to make sure that feathered hair look stayed perfect all day.

Kerri said...

The 80's were the best weren't they?! I have never seen that video before...those shorts are short! And you're right, basketball shorts were even shorter! Maybe you should post the picture of BTH on your blog for ALL to see?! :) I remember making friendship pins too and wearing them on my shoes...such fun times!

Sarah said...

OMG! Friendship pins! You're bringing back memories. I was all about them, but I think you had me beat with the jacket, I just had them on my shoes. BUT, I had you beat with 80's music :) Not only was I a HUGE Wham fan{George Michael was going to marry me so he couldn't have possibly married you!} I was an ENORMOUS Boy George fan. Talk about not understanding his preferences :) What was I thinking!!

p.s. Andrew Ridgley from Wham and I shared the same birth date-I held that close to my heart for a long long long long time.