Monday, January 9, 2012

hello, I'm finally addressing the new year!

Um, yeah, we're like two weeks into the new year and I am finally getting around to acknowledging it. Some organized mommy I am! I told you, January kills me. I tell myself every year, I won't get behind and I'll stay on top of everything but by December 26th, I'm just done. Unfortunately, the fun at my house isn't. I swear I just kind of go on auto pilot until about the 21st or so of January. Of course we have the obvious: Christmas and New Year's. We also have Tanner's birthday, Zoe's birthday, and Big Tall Hubby's birthday. It is crazy. One of my "goals" (don't like to call them "resolutions"- that sounds to finite and if I failed, I'd be feeling really bad, "goals" sounds so much more doable) anyway, one of my goals is to have all my holiday shopping done by December 1st of next year, so get you wish lists to me early people! Now I do have one exception (well four actually) I will allow myself to get the kids' gifts because their wishes/wants change once those holiday commercials start playing. So hold me accountable mommas, December 1st, 2012, no more holiday shopping for me!

Like I said, crazy busy around here:

Asher, my sweetie, is now five months old (as of Dec. 30)

He is the light of our lives. Everyone here loves him. I totally get the whole spoiled baby thing now. Poor kid will probably never do anything on his own, he has three slaves at his beckoned call, all he has to do is kind of holler and they are within an inch of his face.

Parker is almost reading all the way by himself. I am so proud of him. He is also writing a really cool horror story, a little each day. He will be the next Wes Craven maybe? He is also playing basketball. His team picked the name "Angry Birds". I voted for "Wildcats" but I guess there isn't an app for that.

Zoe had a Harry Potter sleepover with one of her girlfriends from school to celebrate her 9th birthday! I cannot believe she is nine. Really, that girl is just a teeny baldy thing isn't she?
Parker made her these "flowers" aren't they so cute? I put together these girly boxes for them for the sleepover. She only wanted to invite two friends which was ok with me but unfortunately only one could make it. I think it worked out great, they got along fabulously and they seemed to have a great time. They went to bed giggling and woke up the same way, sounded like a good time.

She insisted on a golden snitch cake. I think my kids are trying to make me looney-er than I already am with these cake ideas. Who do they think I am the Cake Boss or something? Please ignore this horrid picture of me, my Big Tall Hubby takes the worst pictures of me, ever. And I forgot to get a good picture of the cake. (Another one of my goals for 2012 is to grow my hair a bit, hence the icky hair. I hate that in-between stage!)

I made Hogwarts castle cookies for Zoe to take to school. That princess castle cookie cutter came in handy! Glad I kept it. (And the ball cake mold has been used three times: basketball cake, Elmo cake, and now a golden snitch! Glad I keep all kinds of weird stuff.)
I would love to learn how to decorate cookies and cakes better. I think when I finally have the time to practice, my kids will be too old for me to do it! Can't you just picture them like 21 years old and I finally am making them choo choo train cookies?!

And here is Tanner exhibiting sleepover hangover.

Yes, he is literally sleeping standing up (and leaning on the couch!). This was the day after the sleepover and we were all just laying around all day. Hung over indeed.

My word for this year is "craft". I am hoping it inspires me to craft everyday. I of course wish it meant scrapbooking only but I am thinking it will also include card making, baking, gift wrapping, trashing to treasuring, decorating, blogging, making things for the house, etc. all that good stuff I love to do. Last year, my word was "pretty." I tried to put forth a pretty self everyday and I feel like I did a good job. Aside from the obvious of wearing makeup everyday and fixing my hair, I tried to have a pretty attitude and outlook. I definitely had my ugly days but for the last 365, I feel like I did ok. My crafting goal is to try for 15 minutes a day, I even bought a timer in case I feel like I can't do it.

I have some other goals in mind too: exercising regularly (like the rest of the world!), incorporating more green into my life (recycling/reusing), major purging from my house (closets and basement mostly), trying new recipes a few times a month, and improving my picture taking.

So hell-o 2012, glad to meet you and looking forward to getting to know you!

my menus for this week:
  • lasagna and homemade french bread
  • navy bean soup and corn bread
  • homemade pizzas
  • black bean enchiladas
  • chicken and dumplings

my things to do this week:
  • write thank you notes
  • clean off my desk, it's bad people, no kidding
  • take boxes to Goodwill
  • cut and sort my coupons (I'm a couple weeks behind)

have a great week everyone


Becca said...

You've been busy lady! Don't be so hard on yourself! Cake looks great, you look great, kids look happy...seems to be working well for you! Keep up the good work, but find some time to relax!

Kerri said...

I like your new word and your goals for the year. I would love to be done with my Christmas shopping by Dec. 1st awesome would that be?!
Asher is such a cutie...and how lucky is he to have his brothers and sister nearby whenever he wants! Happy 9th birthday to Zoe...Brady will be 9 in seems so much older than 8. :(

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

Your kids are adorable!! What a busy mommy you are!! Your couch is beautiful!! I think you do have a whole lotta cake skills!! Love your word and goals. hugs, cathy