Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Don't worry, I'm not getting all intellectual/bookish on you. I'm not that talented.

Between all these birthday posts, I haven't had time to reflect on Christmas. I am still kind of in shock that it has come and gone already!

The Best of Times:
Tanner was the funnest kid (sorry to my other three) this year, he really got into Christmas and his excitement was infectious. He was pretending to be Santa on his sleigh. :)

Baby Jesus had a special visitor.
My Big Tall Father-in-Law got us this nativity scene when we had only been married a year and I didn't think much of it then but over the years it has become one of my most treasured holiday items. Big Tall Hubby takes each piece out of its box and tells the story of the nativity. Sounds kind of corny but it is really sweet. The kids love to see it and rearrange it. The brand is Fontanini (Italian I think) and it is made of this really sturdy plastic. That sounds weird but the details are great and plastic is good for a house full of kids! The monkey is not the only stray that made his way into this stable, I found lots of Tanner's animals in here throughout December. The poor camel is laying on his side. I found the ox and lambs under the table with Buzz Lightyear later on, someone was having a lot of fun with the nativity scene.

I had fun dressing up Asher for Christmas. He might not be so cooperative next year.

I love shopping this time of year, even if I don't buy anything. All the stores are stocked with organizing bins, tubs, baskets galore. And every magazine is all about organizing or losing weight.
I always buy the People issue of how the people lost half their body weight, that is such an awesome issue. I wanted to buy the Us weekly too, but darnit if they didn't put Kim Kardashian on the cover. I refuse to give that family any more of my time or money. I hate that they got famous for her alleged "leaked" video. Just makes me so sick. Anyway, I wish I could buy all the magazines at my grocery checkout, they are so tempting... all those glossy pages of inspiration!

The Worst of Times:
A bit too many of these...
over the past month is making me realize how important it is to restart my "Watchin' my Weight" posts. You don't mind do you? I need that accountability. Just like the rest of the world, I too am trying to drop a few pounds. You can find the best deals on workout equipment and gear right now, I don't need any, but all this saturation makes me want to work out. I just need to put my stuff to work.

And lastly, this...
We have only had a dusting of snow so far and that was enough for me. I really do not like winter at all. Nothing about it. Sorry to all you snowbirds and skiers and sweater lovers, I am ready for spring.

Thank goodness, I have a whole year before this happens again!

Just a random note...
Today is "Jump in a Puddle and Splash your Friend day"

My newspaper published a year long list of names for each day. How funny. I will try to remember to post some every now and then. Weird thing about today, it is raining so I guess I could splash someone if I wanted to!

Have a great day.


Bring Pretty Back said...

Oh! How percious was this whole post!! I am on my phone and I like to read the post and then comment as I read it again. But. My computer is down. Virus! Grrr. And I have been using my sons laptop. But he is back to college today so no laptop for me today.
The monkey was hilarious!!!! That is so sweet that your husband does that with the nativity. Not corny at all!! I think it is so special.
I agreeeeeeee!!! No! More! Kardashians! I am sick of all of them!
Good for you not buying that magazine.
Your family is beautiful. Blessed. Sooo blessed.
Thank you for such a comment on my blog. Wow. Wjat a compliment.
Have a pretty ~and organized~ day!

Jill said...

That nativity scene is really beautiful! I am addicted to magazines too, lol. I get subscriptions but I still sneak a few into my basket at the checkout line too! :-) Thank you for the kind words on my blog. I hope you have a wonderful year!


Sarah said...

I love this post. Love all the pictures. I think you are going to be a personal trainer one of these days. I don't know, I think you got girl.

Little Asher is putting a smile on my face. And Tanner, I can relate to that funny stage. Sloan has us laughing up a storm. Cute little dudes.

I like your new profile story :) You NEVER know, you might be the next Gillian of the blog world. I would like to be the next PW! A girl can dream, right!??

Kerri said...

We haven't had any snow yet (execept for that crazy occurence in Oct.) and I am just fine with that!
Tanner looks so cute sitting on the sled! He looks so much like his dad!
I'm with you on the whole Kardashian thing...that whole family just needs to go away. Unfortunately, the love the spotlight!
The monkey in the nativity scene cracks me up!

Beloved's Bride said...

Awww. such a sweet post! I love the story idea of telling the Christmas story while using the nativity pieces. I don't think that is corny a bit. So very adorable. The monkey on baby Jesus cracks me up. We find all sorts of things in odd places around here as well.

Glad everyone enjoyed their Christmas. Now, that January is here, I feel the need to mad clean and organize more! Winter officially set in here.