Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Buzz and Woody & Watchin' my weight Wednesday

Before I had four kids I used to say:
I'll never let my little girl's Barbies be naked.
I will have up-to-date scrapbooks.
I will not have fingerprints on my windows or toothpaste spit in my sink.
My eyebrows will always be perfectly plucked.
My CD's will stay alphabetized, how else can I find the one I want?
I will never skip a workout.
Then, I had four kids. Do I need to say anymore?

Never say "never" ladies. Never.

The only toys Tanner asked Santa to bring him: Buzz and Woody

Holy moly. Does anyone else cry their stinkin' eyes out when they watch Toy Story 3? Jeezels, those folks at Pixar sure knew what they were doing with that one. My boys are watching right now, I had to leave the room. Needed tissues. Lots of tissues.
Tanner plays with his Buzz and Woody exactly like Andy does in the Toy Story movies. It is creepy. How did the movie people get it so perfect? Buzz and Woody go everywhere Tanner goes. So sweet. He loves them a whole lot. I love him.

Watchin' my weight Wednesday:

Oh sigh, really. Losing weight stinks. Keeping it off, stinks even worse. I still need to lose about 15 pounds. Seems like so much. I have realized that with each baby, I need to lose about 5 more pounds than I gained to get back to somewhat "normal". I don't know if it's extra fat, skin, loss of muscle, or whatever, I just know I have one pair of jeans that sort of fit and the rest are staring at me in my closet every time I open the door. They are saying, "Jenny, get off your big bootylicious and exercise! Don't you want to wear my cute distressed, perfect hole in the knee, goes with anything self?" To which I reply, "yes I do, shut up you dumb jeans, I only slept three hours last night and I have thirteen loads of laundry to do and birthday cakes to make!" Jeez, the nerve of some clothes anyway.

I have been trying (I am italicizing a lot today!) so hard to get up and exercise before the kids get up. I am not doing very well. I sometimes think I should go get on the treadmill after a middle of the night feeding, I'm wide awake then! I know it will come. Loving exercise again. Right now, it seems like torture. Sorry to say. The truth hurts.

I would love to go back to my beloved Weight Watchers. I checked my schedule and I literally do not have one night that is free to go and Saturday mornings are completely out of the question. I'm pretty bummed. Those meetings worked for me. Accountability works for me. So I am going to share my successes/failures with all my bloggy momma friends. I know you'll understand! ;) Any ideas or tips you would like to share, I am always looking for new tricks in the weight watching game.
This week, I am making friends with my Ipod, downloading a few songs to get me motivated. I am tracking (writing down) all my meals and snacks in an effort to see when I eat and what. I'll keep you posted as the pounds just roll right off.

My motivating song of the week is "Soar" by Christina Aguilera. I love it. The lyrics are so perfect for what I need to hear right now. I love Christina, she can wail so perfectly. One good thing about working out in my Rocky basement is that I can wail along and dance and no one else can see. :)

things I am doing this week:
  • finishing thank you notes
  • cleaning Zoe's room
  • packing up lots of boxes for Goodwill
  • cleaning my kitchen, it is so icky and sticky, must have been all those goodies from Christmas
  • celebrating Big Tall Hubby's birthday
  • family party on Saturday

my menus this week:
  • oven baked, fried chicken and potatoes and green beans for Big Tall Hubby's birthday
  • mexican pizza and fruit salad
  • italian subs on homemade rolls with oven fries
  • slow cooker chicken fettuccine
  • southwest stuffed peppers and chips/salsa
  • cauliflower penne puttanesca with homemade french bread
See ya later gals!


Jill said...

I know I love Toy story 3 too! It's my favorite and yes I cried and my girls were looking at me like I had 10 heads! LOL I do weight watchers online to keep me accountable. Never went to actual meetings though. It really keeps you aware of what you eat that is for sure! Good luck with your to do list :-)


Suzanne said...

I love your sense of humor, Jenny:) Yes, those "kids" movies really get me, too. I remember babysitting in high school and crying me eyes out watching E.T. with the kids. One of the boys told me to "put a sock in it"...heeheehee. They say it takes 9 months to "put on the baby weight" and 9 months to take it off. Well, we all know it's more like 10 months, and it took a lot longer to take it off for me, but it's happening! Just be patient with yourself, and tell those jeans with the perfectly placed hole that you'll be back for them someday, and until then they can "blank, blank, fill in the blank". You are italicizing and I am putting everything in quotes.
Toy Story 3 crying fits burn calories I'm sure;) Have you seen Iron Giant??? Geez, talk about a sob fest! That ending gets me everytime!
"SupaMannnnn" (one more chance for quotations, yes!)

xoxo, Suzanne

Kerri said...

Brady loved his buzz and woody dolls...he even slept with that big old hard buzz for a long time. Thinking of him carrying those guys around makes me a little teary. I sobbed when I watched Toy Story 3. The sad part was Brady didn't even want to go see it...he said he was too old for that movie. So, we rented it awhile back and made him watch it with us!
Your menu this week looks yummy! At least you have an excuse not to exercise...i really can't come up with a good one! I think little changes add up and make a big difference. You will get're right where you're suppossed to be right now...with those cuties kiddos of yours!

Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

i gave up on those things when i had two kids, then my third came along and all he** broke loose! i'm impressed you're still functioning with four :)

Becca said...

LOVE Buzz and Woody! Love your posts...always put a smile on my face! And yes, never say never! :)

Sarah said...

I love myself some Toy Story. Always a crowd pleaser :) I like how Tanner plays with his little "guys" they are supposed to be played with. Chances are someone in my family would have them as "the bad guys" for Batman to fight.

Ok, little miss you. You just had a baby so don't forget it! Really, remeber that washing your hair every other day is a major accomplishment. We would be really mad at you if you had four kids{one only a couple months old}, were sleep deprived, making homemade cakes, AND working out and eating perfectly. That's boring! Instead you are enjoying your baby and other little sugary children and trying your best!

I think weight watchers rocks. Watching what you eat right now is about the only thing you can control. Exercise isn't going any where{that's what I always have to tell myself when someone is sick or needs me and I can't get to the gym}. When that baby is sleeping longer you will have a little more space in your head to think about the treadmill and then it won't be torture. You've lost weight before, you will do it again. You have great habits and are mindful about your health-that's half the battle right there! I'll be done talking. Just know that I've been there{except for the 4th kid part!}, I understand the anxiety of baby weight and wanting to fit into your jeans. You can do it. It just might be slower than you want, but wouldn't some little old lady at the drugstore tell you to just enjoy this season. Little old ladies are smart ;)

hugs Jen!