Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cos' girl you're amazing, just the way you are...

Don't you just love that Bruno Mars song?

I never get tired of hearing it, or singing it. My kids, now they get super tired of me singing it. Oh well. I'm the mommy, I can sing as loud as I want to. (In my van of course, like I'd really be singing in public!!! Well, I do catch myself singing along to the music in the grocery sometimes, but I'm kind of kooky that way.)
I don't get to post much about my Zo Zo since she is in school all day. I miss her, I feel like she is growing up so fast. She is amazing, and I'm not just saying that because I am her mom.

She has just finished plowing through the Harry Potter series. She is 8 people! Well almost 9, but still, 8! Those books are HUGE! I have read the first three but never got around to the other 14, just kidding. I do love them though. She was a maniac. She would not stop reading them. Good thing she is reading them now that JK has written them all. If Zoe had to wait until the next one was published, she might have gone insane. Then ABC Family channel has been playing them on the weekends, guess what we have been doing?

And she confessed that she has a "crush" on Daniel Radcliffe. Holy Moly, isn't she a little young for a Hollywood crush?! Well, my first love was (and still is) John Travola when I was 5 so I guess I shouldn't be worried.

Like her lightening bolt scar and glasses? She is a nut.

She was also chosen as Student of the Month. She is too cool. And she was picked to be in some ultra smart kid math group. Holla!

This cracks me up. She is always losing socks. I am like, "hell-o, don't you know you only have one sock on?!"
She's a little kooky that way too, I guess.
Crazy hat and sock day at school, she is normally very fashionably dressed.

I think she's amazing, just the way she is.


Kerri said...

Loved this post Jenny! Zoe is amazing...reading those BIG books! And congrats to her on student of the month! She is a reflection of her mom for sure.

Kerri said...

Oh, got your Christmas card yesterday- thank you!! Such a great picture of your kiddos...loved the polka dots too!

Suzanne said...

Aww, your Zo Zo rocks! Beauty, brains, & "kookiness"...a winning combo:)
I hope I get to meet your kids & visit with you next time I'm "in town".

Becca said...

I think she's pretty amazing too! And adorable to boot! :)

Sarah said...

Zoe is a total rock star. I always loved getting in on her conversations at playgroup, she may have been 3 years old but I wanted to be her friend :)