Friday, December 9, 2011

Who's in charge around here?

Obviously not me. I really wanted my house to look like Better Homes and Garden, perfectly Martha-ed but my kids prefer the more is better look. More cutesie Santas, snowmen, reindeer, etc, ALL OVER THE PLACE!
I have decorating envy. I love, love, love all the gorgeous holiday decor that I have been seeing on everyone's blogs. I have such good decorating intentions, I really do, I have gajillions of idea pages torn out of magazines showing brilliant mantles and stairways. I have gobs of web pages bookmarked with festive holiday centerpieces and I vow to someday try them all. I literally have about 20 tubs of holiday decorations, most of which never see the light of day. I have decided to just let it go, my kids wanted to decorate the mantle, so I let them.

We usually do not use the heavy silver stocking holders since I am very worried they might pull the stockings down and the holders will bonk their heads (been to the ER one too many times already). AND poor Asher doesn't have one of these cute photo ones, I have been searching for one and have not found one yet. But oh well, they made this garland and demanded we use it. (I did insist on the wreath.)

I always picture my foyer looking all dreamy and glistening with glitter and candles. Nope, they want this. OK. Singing snowglobes rock don't you know?
I really want one of those advent calendars that Clark Griswold has (the one with the doors that open- there is a guy I found online who makes them for $400 each, someday maybe, I really like "Christmas Vacation!") This year, I bought these chocolate-a-day ones for the kids from my favorite foodie grocery store (Jungle Jims for all you locals). These are from Germany. I love to tell the kids they are eating real German chocolate. They don't get really excited, chocolate is chocolate I guess. They are tacky but the kids love them so much it is crazy. Funny thing, I always wanted one of these when I was little. Doesn't it seem like we never got as much candy as our kids do now? I got one for each of my big kids so there would be no fighting over whose turn it was to pop the candy out each day. How about my pumpkin painting? It looks really weird with Christmas stuff by it, this was the only space where I could hang these and keep an eye on them (Tanner, the candy thief, would have emptied them all if I couldn't see them. His calendar is a few days ahead, so I might have to add a couple pieces around the 22nd!)
These shelves usually have some cute antique things and pictures but I switched them out for Christmas. The kids did most of the work, they grabbed a "thing" and put it on the shelf with no thought or planning, for all their kitschy-ness, I kind of like them. Kerri, there is your sign! :) Do you see my blue Kentucky Santa under the desk lamp? I love that guy. The other one is an Ohio State Santa, Big Tall Hubby loves him. (OSU Santa is kind of hidden by the computer when I sit there, so I don't really see him that much. UK Santa would be very jealous if I was checking out another dude!)

So this year, my Better Homes and Garden showplace will have to exist in my mind only. And I have decided I'm ok with that. Someday my kids will be all grown up and homemade garlands, stuffed snowmen, glittered popsicle stick snowflakes will probably be replaced by Pottery Barn candles and Athropologie plates. Honestly that makes me kind of sad. I am going to love on my kooky decorations no matter how many times the glowing, singing choo choo train chimes its song and the baby Jesus from our Nativity takes a ride on Tanner's big rig truck.


Kerri said...

I think your fireplace look wonderful! It's much more important to make the kids happy...than some designer looking decorations that the kids care nothing about. They will remember that their mommy let them decorate the mantel...and that's pretty cool. And, you're right...someday we will be able to decorate just the way we want...and I'm sure we will miss those countdown chains, advent calendars and homemade ornaments that make Chrismtas so special.

Jill said...

Looks wonderful! Decorated with lots of love!


Becca said...

Trust me...I've fought this too many times. The kids just want it as Christmas-y as it can get! We'll have to wait until they're older, I guess...

Let go and let them enjoy....that's my new motto...