Wednesday, December 14, 2011

sometimes even moms get a grand slam

Do you have a day where you feel like you are getting it all done and just feeling so darn good about it? Everyone is happy, well fed, laundry is done, all that good mom stuff? I don't have them all that often but today seems to be starting off pretty well. The laundry is not done, is it ever!? But it is getting there...

First I made smoothies for breakfast. Usually these are before bedtime snacks. It is my sneaky way to get Parker to get extra calcium and fruit. He is a protein-aholic, he avoids milk like the plague and fruit is not his favorite thing. I thought maybe they would all drink these up this morning. But nope, they were too busy playing in the kid kitchen.
See Tanner's little toy cup? He said I had to put some in there for his bear. Funny. I brought the kid kitchen upstairs from the basement for him, because this guy is all about being a chef right now. He is making me some awesome meals. All. Day. Long. My favorite: pizza, with salad, and coffee (except I don't drink coffee, but in a play kitchen I can!).
Then I made dinner. Well my ginormous new crock pot is making dinner. Chicken and Dumplings a la Clover Lane. Sarah over there probably thinks I am stalking her. I kind of am. She inspires me daily.

This is my latest crock pot addition by the way. Have I told you about him? Big papa? He is huge. I love him a whole lot. I now have three crock pots. A teeny one for hot dips to enjoy at parties. A regular one that I have had for years and years, he makes the best chili ever. And now this guy. My mom got it for me after Asher was born, she said I would need a bigger one. She was right. Moms usually are. :)

Now I am going to sit on my bootylicious and feed my baby, while this guy sits on my feet to keep them warm. Pugs are awesome like that.

Here are some pics of our sugar cookie baking mania last night.

You know it is holiday season when you have three bowls of cookie dough in your fridge! (three different kinds! just waiting to be baked and gobbled up)

I asked Santa to bring me some new cookie sheets for Christmas. I am not opposed to pracitcal gifts at Christmas. In fact, that is what I want most. I feel guilty when someone (Big Tall Hubby) buys me jewelry, I am really a weirdo.
I didn't even yell once during this process. Yay me! Usually I am sweating and swearing (under my breath of course) by the end of it all. I think it helped that I made the dough myself and had everything ready when they got home from school. I had the cutters out, the oven preheated, the bench flour ready, the roller, etc. There was no room for fighting or nit picking. We take our cookie making seriously around here!
Please ignore the bowl of popcorn on the counter (that was an after school snack) and the baby stuff everywhere. I never stage my pictures. As you can tell! Ha!

Big Tall Hubby and I are going to have to have a serious talk about these flourescent light bulbs. ALL my pictures are yellow and I am hating it. I am all about saving the Earth and lowering our electric bill but my pictures are suffering!!! Any ideas Blog Mommies?

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Kristin said...

you are on a roll!
I don't let the kids anywhere near my holiday baking. Too much stress for me. so go you for having it all ready for them.
I love my crockpot too. Use it all the time.
I've been thinking about smoothies for breakfast too. Great minds think alike. :)