Monday, December 5, 2011

Boy, life is so crazy at my house right now. I cannot even begin to explain it all. So I won't because you would be bored reading it all. Or you'd feel super duper sorry for me and come over and help, either way, I just don't want to get into it all.

Somebody got a big boy bed!
He loves it real much.

Here is Parker showing him how to stand on the headboard and jump off or hide behind it when mommy yells "did you brush your teeth? Did you make your bed? Did you pick up your dirty clothes?" No kidding, that was the conversation.

I have since added a cute little blue table and lamp so he can read at night (hopefully I can post a pic soon). Well, actually, he just insists on climbing out of bed 2000 times a night to pull every book off the shelf and not go to sleep. I try so hard not to get mad but seriously, after they all go to bed is the only time I can get a thing done around here!!!! All my kids have done this during the big kid bed transition, I don't know why I am surprised (or irritated for that matter.)

The walls look really icky green in these pics. I like it better in person. It is Martha's "sea grass". I was going to use a khaki but I felt kind of bad since Tanner is a little guy and khaki seems more like a big boy color. He insisted I keep the yellow curtains (Pottery Barn kids from Zoe's baby room!) because "lallow is my favorite color mommy!"
We actually have another one of these beds (sitting in my formal living room until I find a spot for it) for Asher to use in a few years. I think it will be so cute to have matching beds for them. I haven't hung any pictures back on the walls and I still have Asher's clothes in laundry baskets instead of the new dresser. Told you, things have been crazy here lately.

Holy thighs Batman! Oh, don't act like you didn't notice them. You did, it's ok. I'm pretending to be over it.
This picture and this picture alone is inspiring me to get my big ole butt (and thighs obviously) off the couch (Big Tall In-law's couch to be exact in the pic) and exercise. Jeez. That is terrible. Big Tall Hubby was consoling me, being so sweet, saying, "oh honey, that is a distorted picture, I took it from way high (well, duh, I don't call him "Big Tall Hubby" for nothin') and you were just relaxing (code for napping while the kids watch tv and Big Tall Mother-In-Law cooks Thanksgiving dinner), you look great for having a four month old baby." But, he can kiss up all he wants. Pictures don't lie. **sigh** Now that I look at it, my head looks teeny beeny, maybe it is distorted. Or my thighs are so big my head looks teeny beeny. Hmm.

Don't you love how Parker watches tv? I swear, my kids are hardly ever upright. I see more of their feet than their faces. Speaking of feet, I am wearing my stylish gym shoes because I have some kooky thing going on with my feet that makes them hurt ALL THE TIME (apparently being pregnant in the summer and wearing flip flops all day, every day because your feet are really swollen is really, really bad for your feet). I'm so looking forward to them getting better so I can wear real shoes (code for cute ones, not my running shoes.) Gym shoes are really only for the gym. **sigh**

my menus this week:
keeping it easy, nothing new or exciting, again, my life is crazy right now, no time for fancy cooking
  • spaghetti and roasted brussel sprouts (easy, kids will eat this)
  • chili and turkey sub sandwiches
  • chicken tortilla soup and biscuits
  • italian sausage sandwiches and oven potato chips
  • blackened fish (chicken nuggets) and sweet potato wedges
  • homemade pizzas and salads

my things to do this week:
  • take Parker to the oral surgeon (yikes! more on that later)
  • finish Christmas decorating
  • drop off a big load to Goodwill
  • plan holiday baking and menus/grocery lists
  • shop and wrap gifts (this will be reoccurring until the big day, I am sure)
I hope everyone has a great week!

Ho ho ho!


Sarah said...

Love you Jenny! Big hugs from Knoxville :) I WOULD come over and help you, sounds like a perfect afternoon to me! Hang in there girl and ALL thighs spread while sitting-really-they do. Mine are spreading right now-really-they are!!

Love the big boy bed for Tanner. His little smile is all proud. What a cutie that boy is. Have a good week.

Kerri said...

I love Tanner's bed and his bedding!! And, I like lallow too! You crack me up...your thighs are NOT big....if you want to see some big thighs...head over my way! ;) You look fabulous!

Becca said...

Cutie patootie Tanner and his big boy bed! You're a crazy busy Mama for sure! But, you're way too hard on look beautiful!