Thursday, July 28, 2011

a birthday reflection list

Me and Max sitting on our front step this morning watching the golfers get started
Allrigthy then, I like to reflect on birthdays. Look back at the year's milestones and perhaps mishaps too. I mentioned this yesterday, but tomorrow, July 29 is my doggie's 10th birthday and if all goes well, our new baby too! (That is if he decides to come out in a reasonable amount of time... a big if). So this morning, I was taking Max out like I do every single day and I was all weepy thinking back to when he was my first baby. There could not have been a more loved puppy, I swear. And cute. Forgettaboutit, my vet (who I have a not-so-secret-crush on) agrees and told me at Max's last check up, "Maximillian was 'de cutest pup, he was so tiny." (My vet is a hunky Mexican, complete with dark skin and accent, holy cow, the guy is smokin"! Maybe I can do a post about him some other time...)

It's true, when we went to pick out a puppy, the lady who bred them opened up the garage door and all these tiny pugs came running out, Pugs are the most adorable puppies on earth, and we were trying to pick one. Well, here came the runt (teeny Max- he only weighed two pounds!) and he proceeded to climb in my lap and fall asleep. That's all it took. Big Tall Hubby knew I was done for. So on Sept. 12, 2001 (yep, one day after 9/11) we brought him home. It was love at first sight. You know I have a love/hate relationship with him (well really the messes he makes) but mostly I just love him to pieces.

Ten years sure came fast.. I wish so much I had a scanner so I could show you his puppy pics, oh, so cute. Anyway. I was thinking he has taught me a lot of lessons over the years and I thought I'd share with you what I have learned from my first dog ever.

*Get excited when someone else makes you a meal*

*Having someone else do your toes (i.e. a pedicure) is a good thing*

*Be persistent, loyal, and lovable, all the time*
*Enthusiastically greet guests at the door upon their arrival*

*Always say "hello" to your neighbors, even if they are grumpy old people*
*Just listening intently is sometimes the best way to help your friend*

*Birthdays are a day of indulgence*
*Big brown eyes can get you most any treat you want*

*Always sit by your buddy, real close*

And so a birthday reflection list created by my dog. Whodathunkit?

Tomorrow is the day, I am headed to the hospital and I promise to post as soon as I can. Thanks for all the kind words lately. You have no idea how much that can brighten a day.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

first and last baby

Not a new pic but it is a current one of Max...
We're still here, just playing the "wait for baby to come or be induced on Friday" game. I am having lots of contractions but nothing regular, phooey. I am watching my watch like a maniac, just in case...I just realized that if our Bambino is born on Friday, he will share his birthday with our dog, Max! How funny!!!! My first and last babies born on the same day, I know, kind of hokey, but insomnia will cause your mind to wander into crazy places. I have also been pondering all the crafty stuff I wish I had time for, Christmas gifts I want to buy, why is their nothing good on TV this summer, ways to stay cool when you sleep (besides camping out in the Speedway beer cave), and other random information. I know you are supposed to sleep as much as possible before the baby is born but my mind and body are not cooperating right now.

I have been reading everyone's blogs but Big Tall Hubby did some computer "maintenance" and now I cannot comment on anyone's posts. Hmm, it says our "cookies are disabled" normally when our cookies are disabled it just means we scarfed them all and I have to make more! ;) Kidding, I hope he can get it back soon because I saw some really cute stuff and I miss "talking" to you all.

Monday, July 25, 2011

ho hum Monday

I don't have anything exciting to share today. We're just hanging out, being so hot it is crazy, eating lots of corn on the cobb (yes Tanner steals everyone else's corn!), waiting for baby. I think we will go get Parker a haircut and then come home and make cookies. Sounds like my kind of day. :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

one last hurrah, then again, maybe not

Well yesterday was supposed to be "it." The day little mister was going to make his appearance but he had other plans. (see yesterday's post) I swear, it was such an emotional roller coaster. Big Tall Hubby and I were all ready to go to the hospital and then, nope, not yet, sorry. Talk about adrenaline rushes. The doctor had given me three options, what might happen. Two of the three meant he was going to be born. That's good odds right? Well, I'm definitely not going to Vegas any time soon, the other option- wait another week is what came to pass. **sigh**

Prior to yesterday I was a cleaning and stocking and organizing mad woman. I do not think my house and refrigerator could have been any more prepared. So on Wednesday I decided to have one last hurrah. I took the kids to run a few last minute errands and then we went out to lunch (Wendy's, not that great but the kids liked it) and then we went to the antique mall. My kids love it there. I think I have brainwashed them enough that they think it is better than the real mall and almost better than Toys R Us. I figured it would be my last trip there in a while and I thought it would be nice and cool* considering the scorching heat outside.
Oh, the things you see at the antique mall!
I wish I had taken a few more pictures but we were having so much fun, I just kept getting distracted.

We all had a blast. We were there for almost two hours! That is crazy. I kept thinking they would poop out and have meltdowns but they were loving it. They all got a little something. Zoe got some granny clip on earrings- she is dying for pierced ears and I am protesting, that's another post. Parker got a rubber iguana. Tanner got a Scooby Doo book. I got these...
The little stool is for our powder room (for the kids) to replace a goofy plastic one I already have in there from Walmart. It is way cuter than a plastic one. The little chair is for Tanner (so he got two things I guess!). He loves it so much. I got it for his room (I figured someday the new baby would use it too- don't you just love two for one!). He has been sitting in it reading his books since I brought it home. He is so proud of it. I love it too. It looks kind of big here but it is teeny, just the right size for two year old booty. The blue thing is a hat stand. I actually got that for Big Tall Hubby. I bought him a really cool hat in Florida (he looks so handsome, like Don Draper) and I thought it would be neat for him to keep this on his dresser.

So I guess I didn't get myself anything. That's ok. I had so much fun. I was in the best mood when we left. I left there thinking, now that was a fun time. The kids and I just laughed and laughed and joked and I couldn't have cared less that when I got in my car the temperature gauge said 105!!! (Well that was kind of tough but we managed.) It was a good last hurrah, no a great last hurrah, even if the baby was thinking, "well, maybe not yet mom!"

*My plan to be all cool and refreshed while browsing was foiled.... someone had broken into the antique mall (actually got on the roof of this huge building!) and stole all the copper pieces from the air conditioning units to resell. It wasn't too hot, well it was hot, but they had all kinds of portable air conditioners and tons of fans. Isn't it amazing that people are going to such dangerous measures to get money, it scares me to death. One of the workers told me there were thousands of electrical things that could have killed the thieves if they hadn't been careful. I know people are desperate but it really makes me worry what in the heck won't people do. Just wondering. I am guessing this kind of thing is happening everywhere, I think it is just dreadful.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Just a quickie...

Little Mister isn't ready yet. I was so stoked to see him. The doctor says he is just not ready (he is too high and my body isn't quite ready- you don't need all the details do you?!). So, if he doesn't come on his own, next Friday is THE day. **sigh** I guess I can hang in there another week but it sure seems like this marathon is never ending. I really had everything ready: house clean, fridge stocked, babysitters, bag packed, laundry done, all of it. Now I am feeling like I have to do it all again. **sigh** Thank goodness pregnancy doesn't last forever.

Back soon.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nesting may have set in

Or maybe I am just feeling the need to get 'er done! I found myself on the floor of my powder room cleaning behind the pedestal sink yesterday. The kids and I tackled the basement toys. Zoe and I purged her book case and reorganized her American Girl doll stuff. I ironed Paul's stuff and cleaned more bathroom things (toilets and sinks- ick!). I steam cleaned my floor and even washed some windows. (My back was not happy by the time nighttime rolled around!) So has "nesting" officially begun? I don't know.

I do know that I cannot sleep and I woke up at 3:45 and decided to read on the couch until I fell back asleep. Hmm, now that makes sense doesn't it? I came downstairs and as soon as I turned on the lamp, my parrot (Grayman) started whispering "good morning, what are you doing" to me. So much for falling back asleep. This is the second night in a row I have found myself wide awake with a racing mind. The things that are keeping me up: (obviously) baby delivery, making sure my other kids are going to be cared for, paying bills so they won't be late, silly chores like cleaning the floor in the powder room (!), making sure I have groceries for the next week or so*, and this...Once an organizer, always an organizer. I put this little bucket by the back door so the kids will have a place to stash their sunglasses. They all like to wear them outside which is good since it will help their eyes in the long run but they get all whiny when they can't find them. Voila! A place for them to deposit their shades. I am no genius but I pretend to be one every now and then. ;) Of course I had to put a tag on it.

I will try to post as soon as I find out anything from our doctor tomorrow. But if you don't see me, you know I'll be at the hospital! Eeeeeee!!!

*Funny how these are "normal" concerns but they seem so much more pressing since I know everything is about to go all crazy insane wild at my house when little guy arrives. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

oops I did it again

I bought what I thought was a bargain and it turned out to be kind of a nightmare...
Zoe has been wanting a new bedside lamp for a long time. She felt like she had outgrown her Hannah Montana one and frankly, I was glad, pole dancing and pot smoking teenagers are definitely not on my list of role models!!! (By the way, Hannah was a sweet young tweeny when we got the lamp orginally!) Any-who, she and I talked about getting a lamp from the thrift store and making it more to her liking. That girl loves a good craft project like I have never seen, although she has big ideas that don't always translate into reality.

She originally wanted a lamp she could paint "hot pink" with a zebra print shade. Hmm, a little to Jerseylicious for me, sorry honey. So we found this really cute silver lamp base at one of my favorite thrift stores. A note, I always ask to check electrical products before I leave the store and this time was no different. Unfortunately, the meanie-head lady who was working the fitting rooms was already mad at me for asking her to unlock the restrooms! The nerve of a pregnant woman for goodness sake! She grumbled under her breath "ok, big pregnant woman." Nope, I am not kidding. I got over it quick. I had to pee after all!

We brought the lamp home. Put a lightbulb in it and plugged it in. Hot diggity, it worked. Zoe and I were so excited. Then we noticed, there was no on/off switch. What the? So when Big Tall Hubby/Daddy came home we showed him. His response, "well that's why it cost .99!" My response, "hush" which followed with a slug to his arm.

The next day Zoe and I went to get supplies for the lamp redo. We got a lampshade, spray adhesive, lamp kit (with on/off switch), fabric, ribbon trim and jewels (Zoe insisted). It took us a couple hours to get everything glued and Big Tall Hubby/Daddy put the new switch on in about three minutes. Zoe is loving her new lamp, and I love that she is happy with it. She has a long list of craft things she wants to do with me. She must really think I am Martha!
(Please ignore the cardboard Zoe has tied to her bed, it is a collage she made and she will not take it down. I have tried to get her to remove it but she is one stubborn girl. It was either a cardboard one or she was going to glue stuff to her actual bed.)

I definitely learned my lessons, do not under any circumstances leave the store without testing the lightbulb (find another worker who will help you if you come across a grumpy, rude one) and pee somewhere that does not lock the restroom doors.

Original cost of our lamp: 99 cents
Final cost with all the supplies: about $25, I should have just went to Ikea! ;)

Monday, July 18, 2011

it's a hot one people

OK, I'm hot, you gals know it already but isn't this so cute? Zoe made me a gift bag: a homemade fan and some evian spritz water. She rang the doorbell and then promptly ran away so when I answered the door I would see it. She is so sweet. She is also letting me use her pink polka dotted suitcase for my hospital visit. She put one of her stuffed animals in there with a note that said "good luck" pinned to it. I know, I cried too, such a sweetie.

So another baby update: the little punk has moved sideways again. I called the doctor this morning because I hadn't felt him move in a loooong time and I was panicking. They got me in and I had to go get monitored, of course he started kicking and being all Cirque de Soleil on me as soon as they set up the monitor. About three hours and another ultrasound later, they figured out he is sideways again. Hmph! Little stinker. Now I am going back on Thursday for another ultrasound, if he is in position, they will induce me (before he moves again). If he is not in position, they will try to get him there and then induce me or they will wait a few more days to see if he moves (because otherwise C-section time!)... OK, none of these are my best case scenario. I like Mother Nature to take her course. I have had two inductions and didn't like either one. But I am really protesting a C-section so I guess I will take one of these if I have to. Come what may, I will probably having a baby sometime this week. Holy SH**! Did I just say that? I am panicking all over again. I will try to keep everyone up to date. We still do not have a name picked out, poor guy.

Friday, July 15, 2011

finally, something good

"I get the mail around here and no one else better try and do it or else you'll get in big trouble!" That can be heard from time to time in my house... seriously. I get so mad when the kids or big tall hubby get the mail (sorry guys!). Not because I think trotting to the mailbox is so much fun but I am the homemaker/manager of this house and the mail is a part of it. When someone else gets the mail, inevitably there will be junk mailings scattered here and there, bills get misplaced, catalogs strewn all over the place, things don't get recycled... you get the idea. So, I just do it myself. Finally, I got some good mail the other day. Here is what I got: a Pottery Barn catalog, new coupon book, the Container Store catalog and my sorority magazine and not one bill in the midst! Woo! Now that's what I call a good delivery. Little things can make your day so much brighter. :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

thank goodness for the sprinklers

Wow, is it hot here or is it just me? Holy moly, I have never been so hot in my life. I am not one to generally complain about summer heat. I love it actually. It is winter that I dread and curse every year. But this year is a whole new ballgame. Being preggers is tough in the summer. (Have I mentioned that before? Not sure.) I am literally roasting all the time. Big tall hubby can't believe that I sleep with no blankets or sheets, usually I am freezing! He gets even more flabbergasted when I sleep in the leather recliner (I normally never even sit there because I don't like the feel of cold leather!).

Any-who, I have been trying to be a trooper and take the kids to the pool, normally a fun activity for all of us, but my energy is waning fast. It just take soooooooo much effort to lather them all up with sunscreen, get all the gear together, drive to the pool, park and walk there too, I'm exhausted just thinking about it. So we have been using our old lawn sprinkler, a lot. We had a Slip N Slide for two days but sadly, met its demise. We run through our lawn irrigation system too (well the kids run, I sit in a chair) and our neighbors' if they are using theirs! These are little things that I am extremely thankful for right now.

Speaking of pregnancy, here's a little update for those of you anxious to hear about "Peanut's" upcoming delivery... I went for another ultrasound to make sure I don't have too much amniotic fluid and according to the doctor, I am ok, still on the high side, so I have to go again for another ultrasound next week... just to check. I love seeing him on the screen but honestly I am ready to see him in person. Having to wait each week to be checked and screened is driving me bonkers. I wouldn't care if everything was ok, but each time they tell me they are concerned about yet another something, just about puts me over the edge! So "not anytime soon" is what the doctor told me this week, hopefully I'll get some more promising news next week.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Me and Big Tall Hubby on the beach where we got married (Captiva, FL)
I know, I know I just posted this picture last week or so but I don't have a digital one from our actual day, trust me, it was beautiful. I was skinny, tan and well, as lovely as any bride should be on her day, oh and my big tall hubby wore sandals! I wanted to go barefoot but let's be realistic, the guy is a foot and a half taller than me!

Today is our tenth wedding anniversary! Holy cow. Time flies I tell ya. Big tall hubby and I have often joked that the years have gone by so quickly they must have been good ones or else it would have been dragging! We keep looking at the kids, my about-to-bust belly, our house, our pets, my minivan, everything, and say, "life comes at you fast!" Seriously though, I love that guy. He has his quirks (I've got mine too) but I can't imagine life without him. He is the best husband and father. He is also a rockin' principal. ;)

Some things I have learned about being a couple over the last ten+ years:
  • all things will seem so much better in the morning, after you sleep
  • don't dwell on your partner's faults, you can't change them so you'd might as well accept them
  • you won't necessarily want to spend every waking hour with your man, sometimes time apart is good
  • embrace your differences, let each one of you shine in your own way
  • opposites DO attract
  • silence is sometimes best
  • all you have is each other, friends come and go (and someday your kids will go too!)
  • husbands like to come home to dinner, clean houses (tidy, not necessarily spotless), and pie
  • dads will never hear the baby crying or the other kids throwing up in the middle of the night, suck it up and just deal with it (or maybe they hear it and pretend they don't) just take care of your kids and worry about being fair and equal later
  • doing something nice for your hubby makes you feel good, even if he doesn't return the favor
  • if the guy you are with still loves you after seeing you at your worst (like during childbirth, in the morning with no makeup, covered in 3AM kid throw-up) he's a keeper
  • telling your hubby "thank you" for doing even the most menial chores will make him feel good ("thank you for taking out the trash, that is so nice of you!") and he'll feel so manly and probably treat you like a princess at least for a few minutes
There you go, some marital wisdom from me. Not that I am an expert or anything. But after ten years, I do think I know a thing or two about my relationship. Ten years was like a blip on the radar, hopefully we'll have many, many more years to celebrate.

Friday, July 8, 2011

pickles and ice cream, and a note on my pregnancy

I am sad to say I have not had any weird pregnancy cravings this time. Nothing out of the ordinary. I mean I have been wanting to drink more milk and eat a lot of cheese but that's not cravings worthy. What's the fun of being pregnant if you can't indulge in some weirdo food you wouldn't normally eat?

Funny thing is this guy is a pickle-holic. He would eat them every day at every meal. On our last day of vacation, he wanted pickles and ice cream for breakfast. Guess what? Big Tall Hubby gave him just that. I came down from getting a shower and he was sitting there with a bowl of ice cream and about four pickles. Everyone (but me) thought it was so funny. Gross. (I didn't get a picture because my camera was packed away somewhere.)

Come to think of it most of my preggers cravings have been on the normal side, not too weird.
with Zoe: Arby's Roast beef sandwiches
with Parker: cream cheese by the spoonful
with Tanner: vegetable soup (especially from Frisch's)
See, I'm even boring when I am pregnant.

For the record, I am so freakin' hot! Being pregnant in the summer is so much different than winter/fall births. Holy cow. I am sweating all the time and I cannot cool off. Not to mention swollen feet and legs, these are a first for me- my doctor said it is because of the heat and humidity. I told Big Tall Hubby I would be happy to go to our neighborhood Speedway anytime he needs beer just so I can stand in the freezing beer cave for a few minutes. I literally sleep with no blankets and I am sweating every night, I know exactly when the air conditioner is programmed to kick on (4AM in case you are wondering) and cool off the upstairs. I have taken to sleeping in our leather recliner just because it feels cool. Do you think the people at Speedway would let me bring in a cot and sleep in the cave? Now, THAT'S an idea!

What were your pregnancy cravings?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts

Sorry for the not so great picture, we don't have a scanner and my mom insisted I send her a picture of the pictures....

I found out yesterday that our little man has turned himself right around. He is where he is supposed to be (head down!) but that doesn't mean I am comfortable! This little stinker is taking up quite a bit of room right now. Holy moly, I feel utterly balloonish- about to pop balloonish. Thanks to everyone who sent kind wishes and thoughts, I think they worked. I did so many of those weird yoga-like exercises I think my face is permanently red from the blood rushing to my head.

I am going back next week for yet another ultrasound to see if I have too much amniotic fluid. I guess that is a completely different problem that we might be facing. I spent last night researching causes and problems and the like, I won't go into it here but I am praying this is not a cause for alarm. I definitely hate this waiting/worrying game of weekly checkups but on the plus side, I had my first "3-D" ultrasound yesterday. Oh my goodness, if you never had one they are simply amazing. I saw our little guy's face, hair, cheeks, everything. Three of the pictures up there are the 3-D kind, his arm was over his face and he wasn't moving it for anything and he looks like he is swimming, well 'cos he is I guess. Big tall hubby and I both think he looks like Tanner so far. Hard to believe we can tell but those lips are definitely Tanner's. Only three more weeks to go, hopefully my check next week will show no problems/concerns. We still haven't narrowed down a name! We are terrible. Poor baby, Zoe just calls him "Peanut."

Thanks again for all your support.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Florida recap

Does anyone else have heart attacks flying with children? There is so much to worry about: strangers, getting separated, losing luggage, security, taking your shoes off... ugh, glad we don't do it very often.
This is the exact spot where we got married 10 years ago (well on July 11th, it will be officially 10 years, but we were close enough.). Captiva Island, I love it here, if it weren't for the noseeum bugs I'd move here yesterday. I normally don't mind the heat but being a big ole pregnant woman made it tough this year.we always say Sanibel because they are attached but it is actually Captiva.) It looks the exact same and it was wonderful to go back and see it and show the kids although they were like "whatever can we go swimming?"

I hesitate to share this picture because well, I look huge (and I was sweating and swatting bugs) but you gals don't care do you? This is where Paul and I stayed right after we got married. Isn't it so cute!? 10 years later with all these kids made us say "life comes at you fast!"
Sand castles of course. We didn't spend a lot of time on the beach, the ocean water was HOT. I am not kidding, like a bath tub. Seriously.
The food on vacation always tastes so much better than home. This was our first visit to a Cheeburger Cheeburger, I know they are a chain and other people love them, I am so glad I was pregnant because it was a good excuse to be a huge glutton here. OMG, it was the yummiest food (and I don't even like cheeseburgers that much!!!).

Who doesn't love the foliage of southwest Florida? Geez, I could stare at it forever.
The Sanibel Lighthouse, you always have to visit the local landmarks, right? It is good torture for your kids. "Mom, can we go swimming now?"
Florida wildlife can be a little scary. I was very leery of this guy.There were pelicans galore at our resort, they were fun to watch but I kept my distance from them too. Guess I am not totally over my bird phobia.

I love a good Florida sunset. (Well bad ones too actually)
This girl is turning into a regular beach chick, reading books, drinking smoothies, talking about tan lines!
Big Tall Daddy got his daily workout swimming with the kids. All. Day. Long.
This is how I spent my time at the pool, up to my neck because it was so freakin' hot!!!
Beach bums
Our last night, *sniff* I always cry when I leave Florida. Someday I will live there.
These two were "fun" on the airplane. Boys and sitting still for more than five minutes do not go together.
So that's about it, vacation has come and gone. I hate that it is over. Now I have to really get ready for baby. I kept telling myself we'd go on vacation and then I'd do all the baby stuff. Yikes, the time has come!