Wednesday, September 24, 2008

shopping at home

I was making a card for my little nephew who is turning two when I came across this stamp set I bought from Stampin' Up right after Parker was born. I have used it every now and then, mostly to make birthday cards for my little boy friends and family. I have used the wagon one a bunch to create a pocket for money enclosures (sorry I don't have a sample to show, maybe later...). I remember when I bought it thinking exactly this, "these look like some I might use now that I have a boy baby, I have to have them." Isn't it weird that I have never used them on any of Parker's scrapbook pages? Well, maybe not weird, just typical. I think most scrappers/paper crafters in general buy stuff and forget we have it.

Here is Dalton's card, it is a premade card that I embellished with stamps. It was navy with the ribbon (blank inside) so it was easy to stamp and paste. I buy cards on clearance a lot (mostly at Target) that are relatively plain but are neat colors that I can embellish later. It saves me cutting and measuring AND the envelopes are usually color coordinated, way better than plain white!
So my point of sharing these stamps is this...
Look at this cool scooter stamp I totally forgot I had!!! I am so excited because you might remember my hubby got a Vespa this summer and it looks a lot like this one. I am totally going to make him a cute card and maybe some other stuff with this since he has gone scooter crazy. Just a reminder girls, you don't have to go outside of your home to shop, you might find a gem hidden away that you forgot about!

The resemblance between stamp and actual image is uncanny I tell you!

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