Tuesday, January 26, 2010

black and white

The difference between black and white is very important at my house. Black and white trash bags are the difference between knowledge and ignorance. You see, for our every day trash, I use the white ones. I buy them cheap at Costco (the big box of Kirkland brand). For the big stuff, I use black ones, heavy duty, won't bust as you load them up, can't see through them unless you have x-ray vision kind. Now when I say "big stuff" I am of course referring to the stuff I gather that must be thrown away but no one wants to throw away. (If any member of my house saw what I was gathering, there would be a revolution for sure, I might even be dethroned.) For example: broken toys, McDonald Happy Meal toys, junky toys from the grocery store candy machines, trinkets from birthday goodie bags, "art work" created using noodles and glitter (or other media), torn books that cannot be hidden in the recycling bins under Diet Dr. Pepper cans, and other stuff I think is garbage worthy. Shh, don't tell them, this is our little secret. They think I use the black bags when I run out of white ones. Now seriously people, I call myself organized, do you think I would ever run out of the white ones?

1 comment:

Corie said...

I just have to laugh! I will keep your little secret.