Thursday, January 7, 2010

Birthday girl

My baby is seven today. How can it be? Didn't I just bring her home with a little pink hat on her head from the hospital?! Zoe is like Lucille Ball, all crazy, thinking about schemes, clumsy yet graceful at the same time, theatrical, talented, smart as a whip and funny, did I mention beautiful? OK, I am biased but she does remind me of Lucy. She is crying right now because she doesn't want to stay home from school (snow day). I think seven will be an interesting year. She thinks she is so big but really she isn't, she just hasn't admitted that to herself. I love all her quirks and nothing brightens my day faster than one of her surprise notes she leaves me.

Happy Birthday little princess.


Sarah said...

happy birthday Zoe!! Seven-really?! She is beautiful-I've seen her in person :) I hope she has a wonderful day despite being home because of the snow.

Becca said...

Oh how I can relate! Colin will turn 7 in March...March 7th actually...his "golden birthday"!
It does seem like yesterday doesn't it? Zoe is beautiful! I know what you mean about how they think they're so grown up...
Happy Birthday to Zoe! Hope all is well with you all.