Friday, January 1, 2010

goodbye Christmas

I love this picture of Tanner looking at the Christmas ornaments, I think he is thinking, "if only I could get my mouth/hands on these!" While I had a wonderful Christmas, I am certainly glad it is over and I can get back to normal. As of now, all the holiday stuff is put away and I am slowly getting everything cleaned and back together. Why do we give ourselves a week to decorate for Christmas but only a day to take it all down?! I am hoping to share some of my goals for the year in the next couple days. Notice I didn't say "resolutions" because I like goals better, goals are attainable, and flexible.

My weekly menu:
  • stir fry chicken and broccoli with rice
  • smoked sausage with grilled peppers and onions
  • spaghetti (Thursday- Zoe's birthday choice)
  • pesto something (maybe pizzas?) I am craving pesto
  • leftover buffet
Things I want to do this week:
  • prepare for family birthday party
  • get Parker new shoes
  • get my house back in order (all things cleaned and dusted)
  • order Paul's and Zoe's birthday gifts
  • deliver my Grandma's birthday gift
  • clean off my desk!

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