Monday, January 4, 2010

So long 2009

Ah, a brand new year, a new start, don't ya just love it? I do. I am a weirdo, I love Mondays too. I love to have a clean slate and be able to start anew. I have been wanting to recap 2009 and talk about 2010 but honestly I have been slammin' busy, probably like you have also.

I don't usually make resolutions but I do like to have goals because I think goals are flexible and can be changed or adapted as time goes on. A year is a long time to "resolve" to do something. A goal is something to work towards. See the difference?

My goals for this year are:

write in my gratitude/thankful journal- 4 times a week

increase my coupon savings to 40%

organizing projects- one per month (I'll share later)

fitness- lift weights 3 times per week, run a 5k this spring (ha, that forces me to keep running)

weight- maintain my current "lifetime" status as a Weight Watcher

health- reduce (hopefully eliminate) my Diet Dr. Pepper intake (I'll always be a Pepper!) and continue to buy and eat more and more organic foods

work- after training is complete, I hope to work for Weight Watchers 2 times a week

love-one date night a month with my hubby

kids-one family activity per month (not a scheduled sports or other activity- something fun!)

cooking-try 3 new recipes per month

scrapbooking- just keep it going, I have a monthly breakdown of projected layouts and projects already, too complicated to share with others, basically I just want to scrap a little every week

blog- well, not sure about this one, just to keep sharing with everyone, I hope to share my organizing projects and inspire others to do the same

My one little word for this year (see Ali Edwards blog for more info) is........ME!
I have adopted this practice for the last couple years and it does help to have one word to remember/focus on during those times when you feel overwhelmed. I chose "me" this year because honestly I think I have to. I want to focus on myself, doing things for myself, taking care of me, my body, my mind, my spirit. In doing so, I think I will be a happier mom, wife, and friend. It does seem a little selfish but I think in choosing to be not selfish for the past years has made me put myself last and I don't think that's the way to a happy life. So I guess I'm going to be self-centered this year and it feels completely foreign and strange to say that, I have 12 months (or so) to get used to the idea right?!

Here is a recap of 2009: (I tried to cut/paste this to the top of the entry but my computer is being wonky- sorry)

Scrapbooking totals:
107 layouts
163 cards
lots of mini projects: tags, mini albums, gifts to share (especially at Christmas- forgot to tally), welcome back to school gifts for teachers, etc.

several sewing projects: changing pad, bibs for Tanner, tooth fairy pillow for Zoe, doll accessories for Zoe

Couponing totals:
$1535.40 in coupon savings
$1122.07 Kroger in-store savings (plus card + sales)
$66.97 Target savings
$216.29 CVS savings
$302.21 Walgreens savings
(total combined $3765.85)

other miscellaneous goals met/achieved:

had a baby (he he he, technically that one was the last three days of 2008- but I think it is close enough)

achieved Lifetime Member status as a Weight Watcher

accepted a position with Weight Watchers as a receptionist

cleaned five years of stuff out of our basement

donated items to Goodwill at least once per month in 2009

helped hubby find a new job (yehaw!)

kept house ready for showings/open houses, let's sell this bad boy!

vowed to be a more "green" Earth resident by recycling, reusing, and driving my family crazy talking about what is good for the environment

Happy 2010 to everyone, good luck in your goals/resolutions/one words/etc.!

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