Wednesday, January 27, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday

I haven't weighed in yet this week, hope to do so tomorrow. I don't like missing my regular meeting but my hubby's schedule makes it difficult to get to the regular meeting consistently. I am really anxious to weigh in, not good anxious, nervous. I am a hormonal mess and you know what that means, water weight, stress eating, all that good stuff. I just weened Tanner about a week ago and my body is like, woah! I swear Becca, you are so right about the advanced maternal age thing, you just don't bounce back like you used to as you get older. Ho hum, woe is me, right?!

I would like to mention a personal victory for me. I have almost given up salad dressings. I have professed my love of all veggies many times before. I adore salads of just about any kind. I never slathered on dressing but a dab would do me. Well in Weight Watchers ever dab (or bite) counts. I have slowly been eliminating my Ranch dressing by trying other kinds. I found that I actually love balsamic vinegar. It makes all salads taste so good. I used to read about celebrities who would eat a salad with vinegar or lemon juice and I would think, "WTF!?" How could anyone eat a salad like that? I am proud to say I can now, and by George I like it! I have also been reading about natural remedies and supposedly vinegar can cure a lot of stuff. So I am always the multitasker, killing two birds with one stone. Woo, love it! Now, if only I could give up chips....

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mrsyeapboonkooi said...

Hey, I am also a mummy! I have 2 lovely babies at home.

I do love salad! and guess what, i hate mayonese & thousand island~ so my salad always goes with lemon juice.. yummy yummy after a few try.