Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday stuff

Is it really Monday already?! Wow, time flies.

Any-who, here are some things I am working on for this week, my "things to do"
  • prep for Zoe's tea party- Saturday
  • clean whole house for open house- Sunday
  • drop things off at consignment (leftover from last week)
  • mail/deliver new pictures of Tanner to family and friends
my menu items for this week
  • stuffed peppers
  • steamed veggies with pesto pasta
  • salmon and baked sweet potatoes
  • spinach and mushroom quiche
Warning! Naked Baby Pictures up ahead!!!

These pictures of Tanner will probably get me in trouble someday, like when he is 12 or so, but until then... This boy loves the bath! He squeals and screams as soon as we go in there. He cannot wait to go in the water, he splashes like a complete loon and he cries when I take him out.

Look at him! He is totally climbing in! I still cannot believe he is tall enough to get in. He is going to be a giant someday.
Don't you just love baby tushies?!
Seriously, I thought I'd share a little idea I came up with called "Sunday spa." I always make sure all the kids get a long, thorough bath on Sundays. I stay right in the bathroom (no putting away laundry) and scrub their little heinies. We use the nail brush to clean their nails. I cut their nails (usually paint Zoe's- little diva) and clean their ears really well. Make sure their hair is washed and dried all the way, no soap left over, all that stuff. I definitely allot for extra bath times on Sundays. Now, this may sound like a "duh" thing to you but I found that with #3 came more of everything to do and it was overwhelming. When I did not have a designated day to do all these things (like other chores around the home) I found I was forgetting to do things and lo and behold, it was like the kids had claws and enough dirt in their ears to grow veggies. I do give them baths every day (well Tanner is like every other day, he gets all red and itchy if we do every day) but I have to tell you sometimes I let them do it themselves and well, you can imagine how "clean" they are when that happens. It's just one of those things that I do to make my life easier. Try it, Sunday spa, you can even include yourself when the monkeys are in bed, ahh, long bath, paint your nails, lotion up, sounds heavenly.


Becca said...

Love the Sunday spa idea! I know, Colin and Ty's nails grow in a blink! I'm so embarrased when I look down and their nails look longer than mine...with dirt under them of course! It's a good idea...if you have it scheduled once a week then it gets done! Thanks for the idea!

Corie said...

That is a good idea!
What a cute little bottom he has.