Tuesday, July 20, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday

the Bubble Room in Captiva, Florida, probably one of my favorite places on Earth (besides the Sauerkraut festival in Waynesville, Ohio and the Longaberger homestead)
nine years ago we stood in this same spot the day before our wedding, ironically, I was wearing a red dress that night too, my hair was longer and Paul's wasn't so gray but otherwise, it looks pretty much the same
we can never get a "normal" picture
see what I mean?

After a vacation of indulging in lots of food and drink, I am trying to get myself back on track to a healthy, happy body. You know that song "Always on my Mind?" I swear I sing it in my head when I am confronted with choosing food or deciding whether or not to exercise. I say to myself, "Weight Watchers is always on my mind..." you get the idea. It wasn't a conscious decision, just happens. I ran almost every day of our vacation (it was so easy under palm trees with the ocean right next to me!) and on the days I didn't run, I took long beach walks. Since being home, I am returning to my exercise regime which is kind of random right now. I just make sure I do some activity every day: Sunday I ran outside, Monday I did a DVD, today I was spinning at 5:30AM, tomorrow, we'll see. So I guess I have to just accept the fact that being conscious of my weight, exercising, making good food choices will always be on my mind.

For now I am going to try to give up pretzels. I know, kind of random. I realized I gave up chips and other junk food, but pretzels call my name all the time, even in my sleep. I could eat them all day, I think I do sometimes. I am challenging myself to give them up. All those refined carbs are so not good for me.

Other random stuff I am thinking about today:
Who decided to end "The Hills" that way?! I am so P.O.ed! Urgh. If you love "The Hills" you will get what I am sayin'.

Going to a MLB game should not cost hundreds of dollars for a family. We went Sunday and it was ridiculous. $5.50 for a soda! Seriously!

My baby has a random fever. Poor boy.

I am going to see Sting tonight with my hubby!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEE!!! Can you tell I am excited? I haven't seen him in almost 10 years. I love him from his Police days and his CDs are always in my rotation. So excited. He'd better sing "Fragile" and "Don't Stand so Close to Me."

My kids and I cleaned our basement yesterday. We are tackling the bathrooms today. Wish me luck.

We haven't had a house showing in almost a month. The "market" sucks.

I bought all Zoe's school supplies last night at Walgreens, I only spent about $6. This does not include a new backpack, only the basics, crayons, glue, etc. They have a great sale right now.

I am totally itching to buy stuff on the L.L. Bean and Lands End websites. I have to MAKE myself stop looking. I love the L.L. Bean signature stuff. So awesome!

I am contemplating/planning a design for my living room. Hope to share progress soon.

The kids and I made oatmeal banana chocolate chip cookies yesterday, good thing I went spinning this morning, I think I ate about 6 so far.

I went to the fabric store a couple days ago. I got a few things but while I was there I was so stimulated visually and so excited of the possibilities of all that material, I found myself talking, to myself! People probably thought I was crazy.

Mad Men and Jersey Shore start next week. Hallelujah! I cannot wait.

Have a great day everyone.


Becca said...

Great post and more family pics. Your husband is so tall! I like the silly picture...so much fun! Sounds like you are super busy. Keep your chin up...your house is beautiful and it will sell soon...I just know it!

Kerri said...

Beautiful pictures Jen! If I looked as great as you...I wouldn't be wacthing my weight! I take a spin class once or twice a week...but I can't say that it's my favorite! Anyway, if I could just get my eating under control...I would feel so much better. Ahhh the story of my life...
Speaking of Lands End....I bought a swimsuit top on Sunday (online) for $3.99....oh yea!!