Friday, July 23, 2010

cookies part two

Seems like everyone loves cookies.

Forgive me as I indulge... in just a few more cookie related photos.

He is saying "googie" in case you couldn't tell
eating cookies is serious business

Like I said, the good old fashioned Toll House recipe is tops for everyone in my house. Here's the recipe in case you don't have it.

Me personally, I like just about any cookie (although I do not like nuts in my chocolate chip cookies, weird). Here is my favorite recipe.

Is it wrong that my mouth just watered looking at the website for these? These are the ones I tell my family makes a small amount, really I just hide a stash for myself. Hey, don't hate the playa' hate the game!

Now, go bake some cookies girls (and save yourself a stash!) ;)

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