Friday, July 23, 2010

house nonsense

OK, so the lady who came through our house yesterday was older, retired age. She didn't say it, but Paul seems to think she wants a first floor master bedroom. Why do people waste our (and their) time? This info is on our flyers and website. Grr.

But we had a realtor bring her own family here to see the house. We ended up having two showings back to back. So weird because we haven't had one for a month. They were here for a long time looking. No feedback yet. For the record, we're still here.

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Kerri said...

Why do realtors leave you hanging and don't give feedback right away or at all? I hated that when we were trying to sell our house. I would have to hunt the realtor down and ask for details to the previous days showing...I mean, if it was their house wouldn't they want to hear some details?!