Wednesday, July 21, 2010


sorry for my crappy phone picture, I forgot my camera
Sting did not disappoint.
Here he is singing "Roxanne" notice the red lights...

Wow, that man is so freakin' awesome. This is my fourth time seeing him (I think, might be fifth) and I just love him. He sang so many great songs and did some storytelling about a lot of them. At 57 (!) he is still so sexy, my hubby was getting so annoyed at my hootin' and hollerin'. The best part of all had to be a lighting/thunder boom during "Moon Over Bourbon St." which is so creepy because that song is about a vampire. It actually poured rain during the show but we were under cover so it was kind of romantic, all misty and cool. Actually, I lied, the best part of all was his final encore, he sang "I Was Brought to my Senses", the song we danced to at our wedding, not one of his hits but a lovely song about love, nature, all that good stuff. I cried like a big sap. I highly recommend finding a way to see a concert at least once or twice a year. Seeing the real artist sing songs you love is an experience that can't be forgotten. It definitely stretches the budget but it is so worth it. (Are you laughing at all the balding heads in this picture? I think the average age of the crowd was about 50, maybe all those aging Police fans reliving their youth?)

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