Monday, July 19, 2010

vacation memories

Here are a few photos from our trip. I haven't posted them yet because I got this bright idea to make a Snapfish album of our trip instead of my usual traditional scrapbook. Now, let me say, I love Snapfish. It is really easy and pretty quick. I don't do anything fancy with it, just the basics. BUT it is taking me forever to finish. Normally I pour over our pictures after a trip, weeping, sighing, reminiscing, wishing I could live there forever. Not this year. I am kind of sick of them. All that dragging, editing, blah, blah, blah. I guess I won't be converting to a digital scrapbook anytime soon. Oh well, at least it is done, right? Now I'll be able to enjoy the book as soon as it arrives.

Tanner is such my boy! Look at all those yummy desserts! Can you believe no one would get one to share with me after our dinner at the Bubble Room! I was pretty mad about that, still kind of am. I love cheesecake by golly, look at it!
Parker, my forever dude, not a fan of the beach but he enjoyed himself nonetheless.
Zoe, always representing the divas of the world perfectly.
Yep, that's me. Aren't I so cute? Just kidding. This was during one of our shopping trips that we did in the POURING RAIN! Not kidding about the pouring rain part.
One big happy family. (One of these days I'll get us all to smile at the same time.)


Becca said...

First of all...I love the trip pics. Too cute! And second, a little damage control... you, my dear blog friend, were not the reason behind my blog tantrum...not at all! That was due to the fact that Picasa was pissing me off and that my husband thinks that my need to blog comes from some kind of competitive urge. Men...they totally do not understand all! I too think that would be great friends if we lived closer, and I appreciate that you read my blog and comment too :) and I'll take you as my blog buddy any day. I will get over my hurt feelings and blog soon! I'm such a baby!

Sarah said...

I just want you to know that baby of yours left quite an impression on me. Go ahead a post a picture of him everyday :)

I love the family photo. Your husband looks happy surrounded by all his peeps :)