Wednesday, July 14, 2010

flower frogs

In honor of my friend Sarah's, designer/crafter/decorator extraordinaire, visit today, I am sharing my flower frogs.

I have had these vintage postcards forever. I had originally planned to use them on altered journals or cards but I couldn't bear to cut them. Some of them have handwritten messages on the back, they are so sweet. It just didn't seem right to cut them. They just sat in my desk, looking at me every time I opened the drawer.

Then lo and behold, Sarah, had a postcard and some trinkets in a vignette on her blog (will get you the link later) and her postcard was in one of these flower frogs.

Guess what I immediately went out to get, yep some frogs. Now I have three and I am craving more but I force myself to not buy them, yet.
My foyer table, I have postcards for every season/holiday and you betcha I am buying more as I find them, I am such a dweeb.

This is just a cute tag I made for the heck of it, I was probably supposed to be folding laundry or something but I did this instead. It sits by my sink and I stare at it as I scrub pots and pans...

This one is on my desk, I luuuuuuuv Napoleon and this card I bought just so I can remember his dance at the end of the movie. What bravery! What chutzpah! (how do you spell that anyway?!) What kahunas! If only I could channel some of that stuff.
So Sarah is the most effortless, inspirational blog friend I have. She makes it all seem so easy. I always think, "man, she is so freakin' good." I am so excited to see her today for a brief playgroup reunion. I might take her keys so she can't leave and go back to her new home in Tennessee. I need some help decorating my living room. I promise to add a link to her blog later, you'll love it.

Here is a link to Sarah:

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Sarah said...

First, never stop yourself from buying frogs! Just get em and love em to death.

Second, I LOVED seeing you. You look AWESOME(I am certainly not surprised). I LOVED seeing your kids(I can't get my mind off that handsome little Tanner and his tan little toes. I was thinking his adorable sandals could be the inspiration behind a lovely beach themed room-maybe in your new house!)

Third, I love your postcards and thank you for such nice words about my blog. I love to blog, but I love reading the blogs of my friends even more. Yours inspires me all the time!

I think Kristins idea about meeting in KY is brilliant. You can get your blue and white "fix" and I can take pictures of black barns.

Take care Jen!

ps-I tried to make a comment earlier but something went wrong, hopefully this isn't a duplicate comment, but if it is don't think I'm too much of a freak