Monday, July 26, 2010

hiding from the paparazzi

Isn't this how you would ride a scooter?
(yes those are 3D glasses and winter accessories and an Iron Man
necklace thingy from Burger King)

(she did this whole turban thing herself)

It is deathly hot here, just like everywhere. I am not complaining. I'd take hot and humid over snow any day but my kids have been sick with the hand, foot, and mouth virus, we have been home bound for a week. We're starting to get a little edgy and grumpy with each other. We've been quarantined for about a week per our doctor's orders. Hand, foot and mouth is highly contagious so stay far away from anyone who has it. I am told it is spread like most viruses, through human contact. I guess you can get it pretty much anywhere.

This is our first time with this bug and it is kind of a pain, like any sickness. The kids get rashy bumps on their hands and feet and sores on their tongues and throats. They get a fever and feel really yucky. (I'm only sharing because I had honestly never really heard of it before we got it and apparently this is the time of year it "goes around" according to our doctor... just in case your kids get it.) If adults get the bug, it is like a really bad case of strep throat. I was also told once you've been exposed you can't get it as bad the next time so you might get it again and then just feel like you have a really bad cold.

So in between does of Tylenol the kids would get that boost of energy only kids get when they are sick (me, I want to lay on the couch and watch talk shows all day) and they would want to do something. I made them go outside and play for a few minutes anyway. They decided to go scooting and these disguises are what they came up with to make scooting more fun. They told me they had to hide from the paparazzi who was taking their pictures. About five minutes later, they were moaning and groaning and requesting Popsicles for their sore throats.


Kerri said...

Hope everyone feels better SOON at your house!

Sarah said...

Watch out, Lady GaGa is gonna steal that look! Feel better soon :)